The Kishu (紀州犬 紀州-inu), also called Kishu Ken or Kishu Inu, is a Japanese breed of dog developed in the Islands for several centuries.

He descended from breeds of size medium and its name comes from the Kishu region, called today, Wakayama Prefecture. This breed is similar to the Akita Inu and Shiba Inu, because it comes from both. It can be confused with the White Variant of the Hokkaido.

In its origins, this breed is used for deer hunting. As the Shiba, They stalk their prey in silence, more that barking.

The Kishu is about 46 centimeters tall, and weighs around 28 kg, is a medium-sized dog. The fur color is generally white. The fur is short, straight and thick with a layer of thickness. The ears are inclined forward and are rather small. This breed is strong, flexible and user-friendly. It is a good companion dog for families.

They are brave, good hunters, and very loyal to their owners. As their hunting instinct is strong, is good to socialize them from very small, to avoid possible confrontation with dogs more pequeños… They are quite stubborn and obstinate, education is therefore very necessary, at the same time, they are dedicated and loyal to the family, they get along well with children, especially if reared with them.

It is a very curious dog and often distant or shy with strangers. They are easily adiestrables, to be intelligent and strong-willed.
The Kishu needs adequate space to enjoy and exercise, namely, a House with a courtyard and good walks do so very happy. They need exercise.

The Kishu was declared "World Heritage Natural de Japan", reason why the export of the Kishu Japan is very restricted and controlled. Given that this breed is so rare in North America and Europe, We can only have the opportunity to see him in his homeland., Japan. There are only two known breeders outside of Japan and one in Texas and one in the Netherlands.

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Dogs breeds: Kishu

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