Norfolk Terrier
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Norfolk Terrier

The Norfolk Terrier is lively, cheerful and adapts both the countryside and the city.

The Norfolk Terrier It is a breed of dog originating in United Kingdom. Before 1960, When won recognition as an independent race, It was a variety of Norwich Terrier, that stands out from the “prick ears” by its “drooping ears” (or folded ears).

As a whole, the Norfolk and the Norwich Terrier they are the smallest of the working Terrier.

Official history of the Norfolk Terrier starts in 1964, When the English Kennel Club recognizes it separating it from the Norwich Terrier, with which it was a single race, with the variant of the ears, Norfolk Terrier leads falls and Norwich Terrier, upright.

But the differences, as rightly be noted, They consisted not only in this, but also in behavior and the character, having those who claimed that type with drooping ears had been set much before own Norwich Terrier, providing as evidence a pattern of 1857 t. G. Hepper showing some Terrier Brow, very similar to the current Norfolk Terrier dogs.

The dissemination of this nice dog is quite difficult because English breeders are quite reluctant to give up their copies. The difficulty of obtaining puppies lies in the fact that the litters are not very numerous, this dog turning into something almost “precious”.

Otros nombres: Terrier de Norfolk

Group 3 / Section 2 – Small sized Terrier.

Dogs breeds: Norfolk Terrier

Physical characteristics

It is a small dog, clever, short limb, Compact and robust; It has short back and its structure and strong bones.

Norfolk Terrier has a hair double layer: a hard top layer, ribbed and a warm and soft layer.

Ideally, is due comb the hair once a week to remove the loose hairs, dead and prevent mat.

It´s one of the smaller Terrier dogs, a “Demon” for its size. Affectionate but not quarrelsome, robust Constitution.

The tail amputation is optional. Medium amputation, implemented on a level with the dorsal and carried erect line. Tail of moderate size to give the dog an overall balance, thick at the base and is tuned toward the tip, as straight as possible, happily held, but not in an excessive manner.

Its movement is natural, low and high thrust. Previous members directed straight forward from the shoulders. A good angulation of the hindlimbs provides you with a great driving force.

The Member subsequent move in line with the previous, with free movements from the hips, and they must bend well at the knees and hocks. Level topline.

The hair It hard, rough texture (wire), straight and well attached to the body. Long and rough in the neck and shoulders.

The hair is short and smooth on the head and ears, with the exception of a few light eyebrows and mustache.

With regard to the color, We find all the shades of reddish, wheat, black and Tan or grey. Stains or white markings are undesirable, but allowed.

The height ideal to the cross is between 25 and 26 cm..

Character and skills

Norfolk Terrier should not be aggressive despite being able to defend itself if necessary. Them, along with Norwich Terrier and the Border Terrier, has the softer temperament of the Terrier group.

Like fellow, they love people and children and they are good pets. His level of activity is generally a reflection that the pace of its environment.

This breed should not stay or live outside, that thrive with human contact. In general, Norfolk Terrier does not generally dig, but, like any dog, It cavará by boredom when stays alone for too long.

Usually, living well with other pets when introduced as a dog. In the open air, they are natural hunters and have a strong instinct for prey to small bugs.

The Norfolk Terrier is a dog self-confident, they are elegant, they are erect tail and head. A Norfolk Terrier who is shy or to carry the tail between the legs is atypical.

The typical temperament of Norfolk Terrier is happy, cheerful and confident. The greater punishment would be ignored by the family.

Norfolk Terrier were bred as barn dogs to rid the stables of animal pests. Today, they are household companions and must have a pleasant willingness to live with the people.

The life expectancy of a Norfolk Terrier is of 12 to 15 years.


Today, the demand for Norfolk Terrier is much more to offer

They are dogs that tend to have small litters and responsible breeders developed the breed, they only breed healthy dogs who are good temperament, lineage, good pedigree and that better reflect the standard of the breed.

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