Norwich Terrier
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Norwich Terrier

The Norwich Terrier, has lively character, Alegre, affectionate and is curious by nature.

The Norwich Terrier or Norwich Terrier It is a dog that officially gets its name from the city where it originated: Norwich, England.

The breed has existed at least since the end of the 19th century, as Terrier work in East Anglia, England. The dogs were used as hunters of rodents in the stables, as an aid in the hunt for the Fox, and as a fellow of the family. It was the mascot of the students of the University of Cambridge.

On the ancestors of these dogs... Small reddish Terrier, descendants of Irish Terrier, they had existed in the area - at least- Since the year 1860, and these could be the ancestors of the Norwich, Although other versions, they say that it descends from the Trumpington Terrier, a race that - unfortunately- There is no longer.

This race, formerly, was also known as the Jones Terrier and the Cantab Terrier.

It was recognized -officially- in 1932 by the Kennel Club (England). The drooping ears were often cropped until that became illegal to do so. From the Decade of 1930, breeders have increased their efforts to distinguish the races.

While Norfolk and Norwich Terrier, for a long time they treated as equal races, After major disputes, they are currently two different races. Y, the key was to have or not the drooping ears. Then, the races were designated by the AKC as Norwich Terrier's ears stops and Norwich Terrier of drooping ears.

Both ear types continued to be allowed, until the Kennel Club He acknowledged the great fall of ears of Norfolk Terrier as a breed apart, in 1964, and the American Kennel Club , United Kennel Club , and the Canadian Kennel Club did the same in 1979.

Otros nombres: Terrier de Norwich / Terrier de Jones / Terrier Cantab.

Group 3 / Section 2 – Small sized Terrier.

Dogs breeds: Norwich Terrier

Physical characteristics

It is one the smaller Terrier its height is maximum 25 cm the cross and his weight is between 5 and 5.5 kg.

Recently on United States, There has been a great fraud with these dogs, they sold fake Norwich Terrier with pedigree, by Internet.

Are difficult to raise because their births tend to be by caesarean section. His cloak is twofold and can be red, Red wheat, Black fire or salt and pepper (grey).

Norwich Terrier has a fur two layers, a foreign finish hard, rough and a warm and soft layer, attached to the skin.

Ideally, styling it once a week to remove the loose hairs killed.

As a minimum, the hair should be stripped once in the fall and once in the spring.


The cut or Court it adversely affects the appearance of the natural colors of the layer and texture.

Character and skills

Dogs 101- Norwich Terrier

Kalle the Norwich terrier in the snow

The Norwich Terrier, they have a character lively, Alegre, loving and they are curious by nature.

One advantage is that they are not anti-social dogs or they tend to show aggressiveness.

They were originally bred to hunt animals burrow but today they have become excellent pets.

These small but sturdy dog, brave, Smart and very loving. They were bred for chasing varmints and accompanied their owners farmers on horseback. A good daily walk is therefore, the minimum necessary to meet the requirements of Office, and give a healthy lifestyle.

They are sensitive to the scolding, as the 100% Terrier. Much like family life, and very little loneliness. It is not meaningless ladrador, But if you notice something strange, It will be.

It is a dog that She loves children. They adapt perfectly to other pets.

The life expectancy the Norwich Terrier is 12 to 16 years.

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