Croatian Sheepdog
Croacia FCI 277 . Sheepdogs

Croatian Sheepdog

With a great instinct for working with the herd.



The Croatian Sheepdog, according to some authors it is an autochthonous Croatian race, while according to others they come from the East and have stabilized and settled in Croatia working with local pastors.

In the news, the Croatian Sheepdog it is a little known dog outside its country.

Physical characteristics

The Croatian Sheepdog it is a dog in the lower limit of medium size. Short hair on the head and limbs is the hallmark of the breed. The head is quite light with a cone shape. The stop is poorly marked. The eyes are medium in size, macaroons, with a lively expression; the color goes from brown to black. The ears are triangular, raised or semi-raised, medium length and set slightly to the side. Straight ears are referable and cutting is not allowed. The tail is implanted a little high, with long thick hair. It is cut so that it does not have a length greater than 4 cm in adult error.

Hair: hair length is 7 - 14 cm on the spine. The face is always covered with short hairs. The ears have short hair on the outer face and long on the inner. The hair is relatively soft, wavy and even curly. The undercoat must be dense.

Color: predominantly black although some white spots on the throat or chest are admitted.

Size: of 40 - 50 cm..

Character and skills

It is a lively dog, attentive, very docile, easy to educate and train, especially frugal and rustic. Has a great instinct for working with the herd, where it is used in both driving and custody, but it can also be used as a guard dog.

Type and recognitions:

  • CLASSIFICATION FCI:Group 1 –> Herding dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs) / Section 1 –> Sheepdogs. Without working trial
  • FCI 277
  • Federations: FCI , UKC
  • Croatian Sheepdog breed FCI standard

Alternative names:

    1. Hrvatski ovčar, Kroatischer Schäferhund (English).
    2. Berger de Croatie (French).
    3. Kroatischer Schäferhund (German).
    4. Hrvatski Ovčar (Portuguese).
    5. Perro de pastor croata (Spanish).


croatian sheepdog Mawlch Gera by Michala Mračková / Public domain

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