The Komondor It is a breed of guard dog and pastor, originally from Hungary. Its main feature is the peculiar appearance of its fur, It falls to form similar to the dreadlocks Tufts.

The Komondor is a dog of large size and robust complexion. With a minimum height of 65 cm. (females) to 90 cm. (males), and a weight of 40 to 80 kg, It is one of the larger breeds that exist. In addition to its large size, its most outstanding feature is always white fur, long, thick and hangs in long locks as if they were rastas. The coat of an adult dog is composed of a thin inner layer and an outer layer of rustic hair that are combined to form the aforementioned Tufts. This aspect is obtained in a natural way, Although some assistance is needed to avoid the entanglements. The length of the locks increases as the dog grows. Traditionally, This strange fur protecting the dog from attacks by wolves, they were unable to bite through this dense maze.

Like the majority of herding dogs, the Komondor is a calm and quiet dog provided that the situation is normal.

In case of danger it will bravely defend herds in charge, This instinct is also reflected in its family and territory, that tends to protect.

He was raised to think independently and make their own decisions. It is an affectionate dog with the family, and gentle with children; even though he is suspicious of strangers, It will accept them to confirm that they have no bad intentions.

It is a very athletic breed, capable of jumping and attacking any predator in order to zoom out, and it has been successfully used to protect the herds against bears and wolves.

Because of its size, force and speed, It is imperative that its owner will be able to control it; It is important to the animal train and socialize it, to prevent it developing aggressive tendencies.

For its history as a working dog, It is a race with few congenital conditions, and it is subject to the same risks of health than other large breeds, as hip dysplasia and gastric torsion. You can suffer some problems caused by his long coat, It presents considerations for hygiene.


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