Berger de Brie
Francia FCI 113


The Berger de Brie It is an excellent race to raise with children of all ages.

The Berger de Brie or Briard is a breed dog, one of the many existing breeds of dogs pastors. Its origin is French. The history of the Briard has already some centuries… Charlemagne, Napoleon, Thomas Jefferson and Lafayette, they all had a dog of this breed.

Some theories say that, the Briard is descended from Asian dogs brought to the region by the barbaric invasions that attacked Europe during the middle ages.

This former guardian of sheep and shepherd has also been used, also, by the French Navy as Sentinel, Messenger and the search for injured soldiers because of their fine sense of hearing. They were used in the first world war in an indiscriminate way to bring them to extinction. This breed is still used as guardian and Shepherd of herds, as well as pet.

Became popular only after the “Paris Dog Show” of 1863, in large part due to an improvement in the appearance of animal achieved by crossing with the Beauceron and the Barbet.

It is believed that they take their name from the French province of Brie, Although the animal not probably comes from this town. Currently, the population of shepherds of Brie is slowly recovering. It is believed that this breed is related to the Berger Picard.

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