Dinamarca FCI 315 - Molosoids - Mastiff


The Broholmer It was used as a watchdog for large farms and feudal lands.



The Broholmer is interesting, partly because it is a very old breed of dog whose ancestry in the Danish royal house dates back to the time of Frederick II and Christian IV. King James I of Scotland reportedly, in relation to his marriage to the daughter of Frederick II in 1589, honored the Danish court with magnificent mastiff-type dogs. These English dogs mated with the dogs that Frederick II already had. The type of dog was named “The Great Danish Dog” since the Viking Age, namely, a few 400 years before Frederick II.

We begin our historical review around 1850 at the Renaissance castle of Broen Broenne in Gudme. This is where Chamberlain Niels Frederik Bernhard Sehested (1813-1882) decided to reinstate and re-breed the old Danish dog, since the breed was about to become extinct at this time.

To promote dog breeding, ordered ten puppies to be raised in the country. However, there was a condition that one should promise to continue breeding. In this way, the dog became widely used and became a very common and precious dog.

An old newspaper said: The Broholmer it has become an ordinary dog ​​in Denmark and especially on the streets of Copenhagen.

The Broholmer also had its importance among royalty. King Frederick VII and Countess Danner had several broholmers. Both the king and the countess appreciated the breeder and were represented with their dogs on numerous occasions..

Unfortunately, early twentieth century, this breed lost a lot of ground. Dog disease, epidemics and inbreeding problems killed many dogs. After that, the tracks of these adorable dogs almost disappeared, until in 1974 The alarm rang.

The Danish Kennel Club started a national search for broholmers, and he found some dogs similar to broholmers, so you can start a real breeding job.

Although only a few dogs were found, managed to start a breeding job. The result of this work are the dogs that exist today in Denmark, whose owners are recommended to be members of the Broholmerselskabet.

From 1974, a breeding committee under the Danish Kennel Club has been responsible for planning the breeder's breeding. In 1996, el Broholmerselskabet, in collaboration with the Danish Kennel Club, obtained a valid cooperation agreement from the 1 in January of 1997, which meant that the members and dogs of the Broholmerselskabet were on their way to becoming a formal part of the Danish dog job. The cooperation agreement with DKK fulfilled the wishes of its members expressed at member meetings across the country in 1995. The race was on the way to recognition.

The Broholmer has been recognized as a Danish national breed and has been granted international approval, the pedigree of the FCI, so breed approved dogs can now be showcased at DKK shows. This means that it can display broholmers on par with other breeds of dogs. This has now resulted in the fact that several broholmers have already received the title of Danish Champion and International Champion..

The Broholmer it has also been internationally approved, meaning puppies can be sold to foreign stakeholders.

Many breeds of dogs changed their appearance in the years around the last century and had to bow to various models., which in some cases caused problems that they then had to deal with. The Broholmer has not been the subject of any fashion illusion of any kind. The standard is, with some changes, the same one that Sehested wrote.


After the reconstruction of the race, the black color was difficult to recover, but nowadays it breeds without any problems.

Physical characteristics

Large dog that can be inscribed in a rectangle; his walks are regular and energetic. The exterior appearance is dominated by a powerful front axle. The head is broad and solid. The neck is strong and has some folds (Double Chin). The chest is wide and well formed. At rest, his head is very low, leaning towards the ground. If the dog is attentive or excited, raises its head and tail rises above the horizontal. The eyes are round, not too big: color ranges from light amber to dark amber. His expression shows security. The ears, medium size inserted high, fall on the cheeks. At rest, the tail falls in the shape of a saber; on the other hand, when the dog is active it takes it higher, but without reaching the back.

  • Hair: short, with quite thick undercoat.
  • Color: leonado with black mask, golden red or black.
  • Size: males, 75 cm.; females, 70 cm..

Character and skills

The Broholmer he is a very kind and devoted dog. He is very receptive and just wants to make his owner happy. He is a watchful dog and will have a lump in his throat when there are strangers at the door. Act slowly and confidently. The Broholmer It is an excellent family dog ​​that, because of his kind mind, must be treated very carefully.

How much exercise does a Broholmer require?

Because the Broholmer is a big dog, it's important to keep it running. Hours of walking are not required every day, but the dog is always happy to go out and exercise his muscles.

How to better activate a Broholmer in addition to walks?

The Broholmer it is a robust and strong dog that is very suitable for pulling. You can make your Broholmer successfully pull a cart or sled. Due to his kind mind, show a lot of affection with the people in their environment. There are examples of Broholmer that are rescue dogs, tracking dogs, shooting, etc.

Is there skin care or the like that you should pay attention to?

Skin care is minimal. A brush trip once a month is enough. In the molting season it can shed a lot of hair.

Tips for People Considering Buying a Broholmer

As an adult, the Broholmer have a medium level of activity, but the young dog has much more energy, that you; therefore, you must take into account its large size before deciding to purchase a Broholmer. We are talking about a puppy of 40 – 60 kg, who wants to explore the world. The dog must be respected for his great kindness and, therefore, develops best in homes where there is mutual respect between home and dog.

The Broholmer it is for you that …

· You want a devoted dog, solid and calm

· You want a family dog ​​that you can feel comfortable with

· You want a dog that has a good temperament

Images Broholmer

Broholmer Videos

Type and recognitions:

  • CLASSIFICATION FCI:Group 2 –> Pinscher and Schnauzer, Molossians and Swiss Mountain-and Cattledogs. / Section 2.1 –> Molossoid breeds, doge type.
    Without working trial.
  • FCI 315
  • Federations: FCI , AKC (The AKC does not have an official breed standard; currently uses the FCI standard) , UKC
  • Estádar the Broholmer breed FCI

Alternative names:

    1. Danish Broholmer, Danish Mastiff (English).
    2. Broholmer (French).
    3. Broholmer (German).
    4. Mastiff dinamarquês (Portuguese).
    5. Mastín Danés (Spanish).

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