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Can de Palleiro
España Not recognized by the FCI

The Can de Palleiro It is a breed of herding dog provenzal.

Cão de Palleiro



The ancestors of Can de Palleiro It is a breed of herding dog provenzal. are the dogs introduced in the Iberian Peninsula by the Central European and Nordic peoples in the successive invasions that formed the Suebic Kingdom from Galicia. Share a common origin with the Belgian shepherds, germans, Dutch, of Picardia or with the Castro Laboreiro Dog.

This farm dog has existed since then in all of Galicia, and while many references about him, both oral and literary, has remained virtually anonymous to this day.

It is named in allusion to the barn where the Shepherd and guardian usually sleep.

Physical characteristics

Their fur tends to be thick, without sagging, and the body connected to the front. The deck (color) is generally uniform, with a wide range of sand, cinnamon, brown, Vulture black and uniform. Hair is thick and dense, more in winter, being an animal that generally they live outdoors, always with the cattle or Haystack.

The males measure height to cross a few 59-65 cm and the females of 57 to 63 cm.. Males weigh in 30 to 38 kg and females in 25 to 33 kg.

Character and skills

Can de Palleiro
Haystack dog, celtic shepherd – giggling, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It is a herding dog and faithful and multifunctional guard, It is with cow herding them and saving them as also cares home. Guardian of proverbial intelligence, It presents a strong and reserved nature with strangers, Besides being brave and bite, characteristics that make it a great collaborator in driving and guarding livestock. With a great loyalty to his master, with the people of the House becomes quiet and sweet.

It is necessary to highlight the psychic and balanced stability of this animal, own a shepherd dog, so this feature has to take care of in the extreme, promoting balanced and sufficiently socialized specimens selection.

Dog possessive and careful of himself and those who live with him, ladra strangers and defends its territory as a good watchdog, it is ideal to live with large families and with children since it will not allow them to run any risk, ideal for field and not for the cities, which as its name indicates (Palleiro = Pajar) It is used to sleeping in the field.

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