Foxhound American

Foxhound Americano

The Foxhound American It is a breed of dog that is cousin of the English Foxhound. They are hounds, bred to hunt foxes by scent.
In 1650, English, Robert Brooke He travelled to America with his pack of hunting dogs and these were the root of several strains of American hounds. These dogs remained in the Brooke family for almost 300 years.

Although it has not been a rumor that the new generation was originally used for the hunting of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, This is not true. The breed was developed by landowners exclusively for the sport of fox hunting. All the crossing carried out between different Fox Hound, have been designed to increase the speed and resistance in the dog, qualities that are still present today's dogs.

Today there are a lot of different varieties of the American Foxhound, for example the Walker, Goodman, Asparagus and Penn-Marydel. Despite the different varieties, they have very different appearance,all of them are recognized as members of the same race.

While standardized rules of the American Foxhound is located in 21 to 25 53-64 centimeters in height to the cross, and weigh between 29-34 kg, many of them are larger. Y, the variation of size, some breeders attribute it to food.

It is a strong dog, hard, with straight legs. The coat is short and hard. In general, they are very similar to the “Beagle”, only they have longer legs and are larger (slightly). Its fur can be of four colors: reddish, tricolor, black and tan, and blue.

The American Foxhound is quiet and gets on well with children and other animals.

Like all dogs, they need enough exercise.

They are quite stubborn, and it is essential to have a proper training, because their hunting instinct, is relentless, at the moment for a smell to draw them attention, do case omiso… It is not one of the best dogs guardianes…

It is a very strong race. According to some veterinarians and trainers, they need plenty of exercise, for example, a very long walk followed by a game of searching and tracking, makes them very happy.

Their life expectancy is of 10 to 12 years.

Foxhound American

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