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Posted by tiadoc | 30 July 2011

Cardigan Welsh CORGI

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi (Cardigan Welsh Corgi) It is one of the two separate breeds of “Corgi” originating in Wales, the other is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Welsh Corgi Pembroke). It is one of the oldest herding dog breeds that exist.

Read full information on the race, by clicking on: Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

Dogs breeds: Cardigan Welsh CORGI

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One comment on “Cardigan Welsh CORGI
  1. luis oscar says:

    my dog ​​fulfilled 10 years at my side the day 25/12/2016 I saw her on the street,she felt sad he was with her tits full and without their young,his eyes sad and full of grief he departed soul one,I went to caress me but she wanted to give away twice caress the end I left her alone with her grief.
    two blocks later I notice that she has been following me,I approached me and she turns them off keep walking and she keeps me traveling a short distance come from afar can not adopt I have to continue trip,I stop and she stops always keeping the distance the few people with whom I meet in the street ask them if they know where the dog could be next on my back,the answer is always the same a non seco.camino through the deserted streets,I aimlessly just the job and I have zilch in pockets that night sleep in a mobility that is left in the main square,the dog not want to go I leave the door open for a while after she enters and cast into the floor slowly without scaring her puerta.a close the morning I get up very early,I open the door and she goes out another quickie to see start walking and she continues to follow the distance I cross the border and ask if they know of the little dog I ever cross the border and with the same question and nothing. now I am filled with anguish and pain I'm getting attached to the dog and I leave no value,in the church opposite the main square priest get help me get a ticket to the next town had a full vacuum bag(underwear,and grooming equipment) I eacerco slowly to the dog and grabbed a quick movement and get into the bag,and within the fleet climb I with my shoulder bag and the dog and moves already in the fleet I put the bag on the floor between my feet I open the front to remove the head she looks at me all asustadita and not I cherish for fear that panic,the passenger next to me is surprised I tell her I come from my country vijando with her always hidden, when we got to town and out of the terminal I open the bag and she went away a little quickie and looked at me as if asking explanation,I continued walking and over again tracking the distance walked to the exit and the people and in a service station I asked to see if he had a driver known to go to the capital and I can bring lucky he told me that every night comes a van and take me safe,I again say it was my dog ​​and we came traveling from afar,the lord of the van was very helpful and full of amabilidad.llegamos at three in the morning,the chiqui(and I named) I no longer had fear in the open we came back was very kind Mr. brought me straight to the door of my house,in gratitude I gave souvenir cans of beer from different cities in my country some were full.
    I did not want to wake anyone Haci I shut myself in my apartment and left her in my itty private patiesito but she began to mourn let her in and sat in a corner of the room,I went to the bathroom to wash up close the door and began to scratch her to be the open,from a corner of the room, I watched all my movements within the bathroom.The day came quickie and then came the greetings and my mother was enjoying my dog ​​anything
    all my love for my dog ​​every day to more unconditional,my chiqui was very smart not had to work hard to teach,I taught him to do his business outside the home every day taking her to the beach she was following me and obeyed all but continued without eating anything at all every day he changed his food to throw but at night he drank secretly spent their days and she continued the ears falls and falls without barking something that filled me with surprise was when I went to grab to put inside the bag,she got here alone is forbidden to travel with pets in the bus,never had problems drivers never found me,I had worried that not eat anything,one day we're going to the beach,she never entered the water away but I watched that day (the eighth day)we were going as always a 15 streets see a thrown stick and do not know why I was given by grab him as the chiqui I saw started barking at me leave surprised I threw the stick and I brought it to turn you throw I was full of joy my dog ​​had a beautiful bark and with their ears also paraditas was a beautiful little dog when we got to the beach (luckily it is a neighborhood beach and only occasional embittered you want attention I point him to go to draw that attention and that and that and retires quietly)he got into the water and I had to throw the stick to quickly bring out swimming affection of all earned. when we got home ate like a condemned to death as if it were his last wish,I was mad with happiness for the first time in my life was learning to love and to be loved today after ten years my dog ​​broke the record of permanence of someone cohabiting with me because even my mother lived with me for so long now I have 69 years and I'll go with the joy of having known the love I only ask that my itty never leave me and when I go ask that fate bring us together that's my only wish when I returned to my adopted country my mother you told me and I'll leave that thing? do not worry is my only wealth and never abandon much less you,My mother was in the 2014 think what you want about me but if my dog ​​was out with her all my life is when we go it together

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