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Posted by tiadoc | 14 May 2011

West Siberian laika

Laika de Siberia Occidental

The West Siberian laika (Zapadno-Sibirskaïa Laïka), It is the product of interbreeding among closely related species of Laïka of Chanteisk and Mansijak with dogs of Russian hunters of the North of the Urals and Western Siberia. Outside its area of origin in areas mainly populated by hunters, This race has widely spread to central areas of Russia; This type of dog that abounds on these sites, they are reared in large installations. In different regions of hunting there are kennels special parenting of West Siberian Laika.

It is a variable value hunting dog, but also shooting or for sledge. Is medium-sized, Slim and strong Constitution. Her bone structure is well developed, is not mass or rough. Muscle is strong and well developed. It has a strongly coiled tail, He takes her on the back or the back.

Its fur is hard, short, with developed internal fluff. The outer layer is thick and straight. The internal fluff is abundant and dense hair's outer layer which gives a distant and leafy appearance. In the head, You ears and part of limb hair is short. On the cross, neck and back of legs the hair is longer than forming a collar in the region of the neck and a beard in the cheek area; the rear extremities presents some feathers.

Is white, salt and pepper, Red or gray in all colors. Allow the color black, also spotted or with the same color plates.

West Siberian Laika, is a balanced dog that fits well wing home life, but you need enough exercise, they are easy for you adiestras and are good with children.

West Siberian laika

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