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Posted by tiadoc | 26 April 2011

Row of San Miguel

Fila de San Miguel

El dog Cão Fila de São Miguel It is a breed of dog Portugal, specifically the Azores Islands.

The race takes place in the San Miguel Island, at least since the 16th century. He was born as cattle herding dog (Bouvier) difficult character, and its rusticity (next to your character) make it an excellent, guard dog.

It has a very strong temperament with strangers but is docile with his master. Very clever and very responsive. In the exercise of its functions as a cattle driver is very good, He is careful not to hurt the udder of the cow. However, If they reach "break row", and see cattle in flight, and we need to put a bit of order, usually show more rigour.

Its skin is thick and pigmented. Its pelage is short, smooth, thick and rough texture. It presents some fringes on the tail, in the anal region and the rear part of the Member.

The usual colors are: Beige, clear carborane beige, grey, ranging from light tones to the dark; always Griffon; It allows a white mark on his forehead, and from the Chin to the chest; You can have small white markings on the previous feet, in the four feet or later.

Its height to the cross, male round the 50-60 cm and the females the 48-58 cm.. The weight of the males is around the 25-35 kg and the females the 20-30 kg.

Row of San Miguel

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