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Pastor Polaco de Valée

The Polish pastor of Vale is a lively, Intelligent, playful and lots of memory.

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The Polish pastor of Vale about perro Pastor de las Tierras Bajas Polonia (In English Polish Lowland Sheepdog, in Polish: Polski Owczarek Nizinny, PON), It is a breed of woolly dog half original size of Poland.

The bibliographic data of the race recount that the Polish Valée Pastor, comes from dogs imported by the Phoenicians more than two thousand years.

Some sources insist that the Polish Valée Pastor, as we know it today it exists in Poland at least since the 13th century, and it is likely that there is a Puli dog within their ancestors.

Also, It is described as one of the ancestors of the Bearded Collie breed (Bearded collie). As tells the story a Polish trader named Kazimierz Grabski, it negotiates a shipment of grain for his sheep in Scotland in the year 1514, six copies of Polish Valée Shepherd dogs he brought with him to move cattle in the area.

Apparently a Scottish Shepherd was so impressed with the ability of dogs grazing proposed Kazimierz Grabski exchange a RAM and two ewes for a dog and two bitches. The business was carried out and these three copies were mixing with the local Scottish dogs and there were born the beautiful Bearded Collie.

The Polish Pastor of Valée, as many dog breeds during the second world war he was on the verge of extinction. But - luckily- in the majority of cases, always appears a key person in the history of the breed of dog question.

In this case the breed was restored and was made by the Dra. Danuta Hryniewicz and his dog, Smok ("Dragón"), Smok is considered to be the ancestor of all copies of Pastor Polish Valee that exist in today's world. The first litter in order to restore the breed was born in the year 1950.

Smok, It was a spectacular specimen of the breed, with a perfect anatomical structure and a wonderful temperament. The standard of this dog is tried to emulate by Valée Polish Shepherd breeders, for future generations. And Smok, the first born official standard of the breed, It was written and accepted by the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) in the year 1959.

The American Kennel Club recognized the Polish Valée Pastor as a race in the Group of grazing in the year 2001.

Otros nombres: Valee Sheepdog / Polski Owczarek Nizinny / Polish Lowland Sheepdog / PON / Polnischer Niederungshütehund / Pastor Polaco de Tierras Bajas / Berger polonais de plaine / Polnischer.

Physical characteristics

The males measure between 45 and 50 cm and females between 42 and 47 cm., weighing the males of 18,2 to 22,7 Kg and females 13,7 to 18,2 Kg.

The Valée Pastor is a muscular dog of the mantle thickness of double layer which can be of any color and reason, being the colours white, grey and Brown the most common with black markings, grey or brown. Their color usually is becoming darker as it grows.

The internal mantle is soft and dense, While the outside is hard and can be smooth or corrugated, but not curly. The hair head makes the head look larger than it really is, covering him in addition the eyes.

The body It is a square, It seems rectangular due to the abundance of hair, with an altura-longitud ratio of 9:10 (namely, for a dog of 45 centimeters tall, your body will measure each 50 26cm in length).

The tail It may be very short and even cut, Although it is a practice which is prohibited - Fortunately- in many countries.

Character and skills

They are stable, insurance and have an excellent memory which can be worked, Although this breed can dominate his master if it has a weak will.

When is with their herds on the Plains or in the mountains of Poland, the Valée Polish Pastor can rest quietly, because even if it is in sleep mode continues to monitor his flock and will not allow to escape or a single animal, Once the order has been responsible for everything.

Today it is used more as pet, It is very easy to be playful by nature it suits any family on all children.

They adapt well in varied conditions and are popular as dogs of company in apartments, Although they need a moderate daily exercise.

They love to be with people, especially with the children, they are very protective dogs.


It is important to check your power supply: to be quite heavy for its size, has a tendency to obesity. Exercise and good nutrition in the infallible recipe for good health of the Valée Polish Pastor.

Imágenes del Pastor Polaco de Valée

Group 1 / Section 1 – Shepherd dogs.

Dogs breeds: Polish pastor of Vale

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