Swedish Lapphund
Suecia FCI 135 - Nordic Watchdogs and Herders.

In experienced hands the Swedish Lapphund is a loyal and robust companion.


Origin and history

The “Swedish Lapphund” share his ancestors with him Finnish Lapphund. They are descended from dogs bred by the Lapps and Sami specifically to herd their large herds of reindeer. For centuries they have served as indispensable working dogs in this way.

The breeding became more and more specialized in weather resistance and independence. The dogs had to perform physically very well. Persevering and willing to work, They formed the perfect partners for the herd owners. With this they ensured their livelihood for these people.

Only in the 20th century were three independent dog breeds formed and recognized from these dogs. In addition to the Swedish and Finnish Lapphound, there is also the Lapponian Herder today. This one has a shorter coat and short hair.

As technology progressed, the Swedish Lapphund was gradually replaced by snowmobiles. Due to its faithful and pleasant character, the breed remained, however, preserved. Today they are highly regarded as family and companion dogs. But they are also suitable for hunting, like watchdogs, and even as search and rescue dogs.

Physical characteristics

The breed is recognized by the FCI and belongs to the group 5 of the “Dogs type Spitz and primitive type”. The relationship with Spitz can be easily seen in the appearance of the Swedish Lapphund. Characteristic triangular head and ears frame large, alert eyes. With a height between 43 and 48 centimeters, belongs to the breeds of medium-sized dogs.

His coat is always black. Only occasionally can small white markings be found on the legs or chest. Like all Nordic dogs, has a double coat with a very dense undercoat and a long coat. This coat makes it very insensitive to almost all weather conditions.

Character and skills

Swedish Lapphund
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In his character, the Swedish Lapphund he is very attentive, lively and friendly. It is well adapted as a family dog. But it is often used for dog sports too, hunting or as a watchdog. Your original task as a herding dog is, Unfortunately, hardly necessary nowadays.

Like an intelligent and persistent dog, it is important that you are always physically and mentally disabled. Due to its independent character, consistent training is necessary. In experienced hands the Swedish Lapphund is a loyal and robust companion.

The Swedish Lapphund tends to bark, what is beneficial to use as a watchdog. If you start early with education, the barking can also be well contained. Generally friendly with other animals.

Correct nutrition

The Swedish Lapphund has no special restrictions on feeding. It can be well fed with any quality food. Attention should be paid to a good nutrient composition. The sugar, However, has no place in feeding.

Awards are not absolutely necessary for the motivation and education of the Swedish Lapphund. However, is particularly happy with the natural chewy sticks, like cowhide or pig's ears. Attention should also be paid to dental care.

Care “Swedish Lapphund”

Although the coat of Swedish Lapphund it is as abundant as it is impressive, his toilet is not elaborate. The coat is very dense and offers perfect protection against the weather. Firm structure of the top layer is dirt repellent. Therefore, it is enough to brush the Swedish Lapphund from time to time to remove coarse dirt or sticks.

Only during the change of coat is daily brushing necessary. One should use the dog shampoo very sparingly with this dog. Therefore, should only be bathed in the absolutely exceptional case. In addition, a haircut is not normally necessary. Like any other dog, their claws should be checked regularly and, if required, cut. The ears should also be cleaned from time to time to avoid infection.

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Type and recognitions:

  • Group 5: Spitz and primitive types
  • Section 3: Nordic Watchdogs and Herders.. Without working trial..


  • FCI – Group 5 – Section 3 Nordic Watchdogs and Herders..

FCI breed standard "Swedish Lapphund"

FCIFCI - Swedish Lapphund

Alternative names:

    1. Svensk lapphund (English).
    2. Chien suédois de Laponie (French).
    3. Schwedischer Lapphund (German).
    4. Lapphund (Portuguese).
    5. Pastor lapón de Suecia (Spanish).
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