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Majorca Shepherd Dog
España FCI 321 . Sheepdogs

Ca de Bestiar

The Majorca Shepherd Dog or “Ca de Bestiar”, It is a breed of dog originating in Mallorca.



Also know as “Ca de Bestiar”, this breed is believed to have existed since ancient times. Through the years, this dog would have been bred with a variety of local Mallorcan dogs, as well as with other European Shepherd dogs, and it was not until 1970 which he puts any restrictions on their upbringing. In fact, its breed standard was written as recently as 1980. It was in 2006 the UKC recognized the breed within his Group of Sheepdogs.

Appreciated through the centuries by the Spaniards for their ability to be a versatile farm dog, the Majorca Shepherd Dog It was used both to herd flocks and to monitor property and animals. It has also been reported that the Majorca Shepherd Dog was widely used in dogfighting, a practice that is now illegal. Although it is still used on farms today, and is also often kept as a companion animal, this rare breed once seen internationally and is considered a rare breed.

Physical characteristics

The Majorca Shepherd Dog is a large size dog, average weight, well proportioned, rustic, strong and large muscles, flexible and robust.

There are two varieties: long hair and most widespread short-haired. The head is well modeled, large and provided with the body, but not so much as to look like a molosser. Craniofacial shafts are slightly convergent; the relationship between the skull and the muzzle is of 1:1.

The color eyes goes from amber to dark brown, and his expression is intelligent and enigmatic.

The ears, small in relation to the head, they are triangular, inserted at the top and are normally bent, with dropped tips.

The tail Start horizontally, is horizontal section, It has thick base and it tapers towards the tip.

Fur: the short hair variety has quite thin Undercoat. In the variety of long hair, hair coverage can reach a length of 7 cm and it is slightly wavy. In both varieties should be soft and fine.

Color: the only one admitted is black, optionally with white spots on chest and feet.

Size: males, of 66 to 73 cm.; females, of 62 to 68 cm.. The weight is usually of 40 kg approximately.

Character and skills

He is a shepherd dog with skills for the job of guard and defense. It´s Intelligent, docile and affectionate, although as a puppy he is usually shy and reserved. For this reason it is important to socialize it to the maximum to avoid that it closes in on itself.

The adult is very suspicious of strangers and he is united by a very strong bond with his master. Her enigmatic gaze not glimpse of his thoughts. It has an extraordinary courage and willing to everything in order to defend their loved. It's a little known breed outside the Balearic Islands, so to acquire a good puppy should address to breeders of the Islands.

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Type and recognitions:

  • Group 1: Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)
  • Section 1: Sheepdogs. Without working trial..


  • – FCI

FCI breed standard "Majorca Shepherd Dog"

FCIFCI - Majorca Shepherd Dog

Alternative names:

1. Majorca Shepherd Dog, Ca de bestia, Pastor mallorquín (English).
2. Berger de Majorque (French).
3. Ca de Bestiar (German).
4. Ca de Bestiar (Portuguese).
5. Pastor-maiorquino, Ca de Bestiar, Pastor mallorquín (español).

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