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Posted by tiadoc | 5 August 2011

- Bélgica FCI 84

Sabueso de San Huberto

The St. Hubert Hound It is the dog with the more developed nose around the globe

The St. Hubert Hound (In English, known as Bloodhound) It is a breed of dog originally from Belgium, more specifically in the region of the Ardennes. It is one of the different breeds of hound recognized by the FCI in your group 6.

Traditionally has been seen as the monks of the monastery of St. Hubert as the creators of the race.

Read all about this race by clicking on: Bloodhound.

  • Alternative names: Chien de Saint-Hubert / St. Hubert Hound / Bloodhound / Bluthund
  • Group 6 / Section 1.1 – Hounds of large size

Dogs breeds: St. Hubert Hound

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