The Vizsla or Hungarian Braco It is a breed of dog Hungary. It is one of the best athletes dogs and company, but little known outside his native Hungary.

The Vizsla was already known since the beginning of the history of Hungary. The ancestors of the present Vizsla were the Hounds of confidence and the Favorites of the Magyar tribes who lived in the Carpathian basin in the 10th century. There are primitive prints in stone - thousand years- It shows a Magyar Hunter with his Falcon and his Vizsla. The first written reference to the Vizsla breed was recorded in a chronic illustrated of the year 1357.

They were dogs of company of royalty and barons at the beginning of the war, for which reason, the blood of the Vizsla has preserved its purity for centuries. "The aristocratic landowner guarding them jealously and they encouraged the development of the capacity of the hunting of these"Yellow pointer”. Letters and writings of the time records show the high esteem in which they had the Vizsla dogs.

The Vizsla, in spite of hard historical times which became, he survived the Turkish occupation (1526-1696), to the Hungarian revolution (1848-49), the first and second world war, and the Russian occupation. However, He was several times on the edge of the extinción… In the year 1800 Hungary increased the population of copies of English pointer and German Shorthaired Pointer, because they were more accessible to the entire population, This action, took them for the first time, on the verge of extinction, and then, the other nearest point was after World War II, When thought that really..., they had disappeared.

Then, a national survey was conducted in Hungary sport hunters, and the results revealed that only a dozen pure Vizsla dogs had survived the debacle and lived in the country. From these copies, the race came to fame once more, After carrying out a thorough programme of recovery of the race. Outside Hungary, the Vizsla are commonly raised in Romania, Austria, Slovakia and Serbia.

The Vizsla at reached United States at the end of World War II and as the interest and devotion to the race was on the rise, the owners formed the Vizsla Club of America in order to obtain official recognition of the breed by the AKC to, took place the 25 in November of 1960.

The Vizsla was used in the development of other races, as of the Weimaraner, of the Vizsla hair hard and Braco German for short hair. There is considerable controversy regarding the races that, along with other Pointer breeds, were used to reestablish the Vizsla breed at the end of the 19th century. In any case, the similarity between the three races is undeniable…

The Vizsla is a medium-size of short hair dog, and elegant porte, light structure, with well defined muscles, shared physical characteristics with the Weimaraner or Weimaraner. Frequently confused them with dogs of other breeds such as, Redbone Coonhound, Braco of Weimar and the Rhodesian Ridgeback. Although with the races that closest thing it has is with Redbone Coonhound, the Weimaraner, the Vizsla is, as we said more defined muscles and is thinner than the aforementioned races. The males measure of 56 a 63 cm. of height to the cross and weigh in 20 a 30 kg; the females measure of 53 a 61 cm. of height to the cross and weigh 18 to 25 kg. The Weimar Braco and Rhodesian Ridgeback are larger.

The nose of the Vizsla always has a reddish color that is mixed with the standard colour of the fur, It consists of different shades of the color solid oro-óxido (copper, brown, Golden reddish and Golden dark sand). The color of the eyes and nails should also mingle with the color of the fur (If the latter does not comply, because we would talk about another race).

Some variations in the colour of the fur of the Vizsla can display along its back brands type 'Saddle’, It is typical of the race and for that reason, It is often confused with Rhodesian Ridgeback.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC) and their standard of the breed, the Vizsla must have short hair, smooth, dense and glued to the body, without woolly subpelo. The Vizsla is not an animal prepared to live outdoors due to the absence of double layer, What leads them to be more susceptible to the cold and intense heat. They are very clean dogs, they do not need to be bathed often, "they do not usually release the characteristic"odor to dog"detectable by humans". After his forays to the lakes and rivers will develop a scent that is a very weak odor of "wet dog" version. A quick bath and the odor will vanish.

The Vizsla is a natural Hunter endowed with an extraordinary sense of smell, comparable to the Pointer and an above-average learning ability. Although they are encouraged, kind, emotional and sensitive, they are equally intrepid and have a well-developed protective instinct. Its hunting style is near, laceando without moving away from the Hunter hunting for the hand. They hunt in terrain, they are very versatile, and they can hunt all kinds of parts, either hair or feather. They are very athletic and resistant. Its recovery capacity is high, charge very well and can train you very easily.

Not only are large crawlers, but also, excellent collectors. Both on Earth and since water that, they are very good swimmers. Like all dogs hunting, the Vizsla require a good deal of exercise to stay healthy and happy. He is very intelligent and likes to feel challenged and stimulated, both mentally and physically. Why they need a workout according to its characteristics, sweet, consistent and dedicated.

The Vizsla is a very energetic dog, soft and delicate manners, fair, loving and very warm. They often form close bonds with their owners, including children, that is why sometimes, "they nicknamed them"velcro dog"due to his loyalty and affection", far from being lap it is always close to his master. They are quiet dogs, They ladrarán only if necessary. Many sleep in bed with their owners and, If they are allowed, They shall always endeavour to make a huequito under the sheets.

Dogs breeds: Vizsla

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