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China Inglaterra FCI 207 . Japan Chin and Pekingese

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The Pekingese She loves being the center of attention and will ask to be integrated in all family activities.



The Pekingese or Pequinés It is a breed of companion dog, developed in China. This small breed of dog is a native of the East Asian area, and is considered a departure from the mythical shaggy dogs of Tibet. Referral after referral, known in Korean prints first official documentation of ago 4.000 years, and others from the 8th century immersed in the Imperial Court of China, in the middle of H'ang Dynasty.

For the Empire, this animal arose in a mythological era, and here is a small paragraph about this origin: “-Lovely in love with a little monkey, the Lion King sought permission to marry her God magician Hai Ho. -If you are willing to sacrifice your strength and your size, I give my consent, It was the answer of the god.

Like this, according to chinese legend, born the Pekinese. Brave and proud as his father and small, loving and intelligent as his mother.
Adored by Buddhism, was turned into a symbol of this religion. Caprice and passion of the imperial family, lived for centuries in the Forbidden City in Beijing (hence the patronymic of the breed), without any contact with the outside world.

At that time, the value of jewel of the imperial family of this breed of dogs, invoked special laws in which a lack of protocol front they were punished with prison; theft, kidnapping or murder of a Pekinese were paid directly to the life of the offender.

For a long time they were a privilege for Chinese Nobles, still prohibited its export. Early examples entered Europe only in the year 1860 brought before Queen Victoria of England (after British Army raids on Peking, where the exotic aspect of these dogs saved them from the general execution carried out by soldiers) and thirty years later were presented for the first time in the exhibition of Chester. And from there to its modern distribution, that makes them a well-known breed of companion dog, but not as massive as it seems.

Physical characteristics

The Peking is a rectangular dog, longer than high, deep chest and short legs. The head is massive for the size of the dog. At the top of the skull is broad and relatively flat. In the face skin has folds. The eyes are large, dark and bright. Positioned well separated face. Prominent and bulging, but very lively.

The “stop”, front side of the head below the front, is either pronounced. The snout and the mouth are wide and short, boring. In profile, the front of the face is almost vertical. The teeth usually tend to display.

The nose is black, broad and short. Nostrils large and open. The top of the nose should be at the height of the center of the eyes. The ears have very long hair. Placed high on the head in front of the skull. The length of the ears must not exceed the jaws., the hair is much longer. Keeps them falling close to the face.

Their neck is short and wide, massive. Body also, mass for the size. The chest is wide, decreasing the width of the body toward the back. The back keeps it horizontal. The hind legs are lighter than the Forelegs Constitution. The hind feet are flat and point forward.

The coat is of two cloaks. The outer coat is long, abundant, smooth. In the neck and front part of the body has a mane. The internal mantle is thin and dense; woolly. The hair is longer, creating what call you pens, in the ears, tail, behind the legs and feet.

On the morning of the 15 in April of 1912, a so-called Peking “Sun Yat Sen”, property of British millionaire Henry Harper was one of the 3 dogs who survived the sinking of the Titanic.

The color of the hair may be several, all colors are accepted, including two colours. forelimbs: The Forelegs are short and wide bones. The legs are arching outwards. The front feet are large, flat and slightly outward. The tail has long hair. Placed high. It keeps it on the back; It can be positioned on the back bending it towards any of the two sides.

The weight of 2 to 8 Kg. Usually lato litter is three to four dogs. Register litters of up to 9 specimens. The life expectancy of a Pekinese will of 13 to 14 years, Although some exceed this age.

Character and skills

This dog is very peculiar for his temper. It is independent, stubborn, very bad-tempered and given to the routines. It has very clear and distinct tastes that, If the master does not comply, It does not hesitate to make known their displeasure.

When we said that it is independent, we mean that it is not a breed friendly to empty flattery.

He does not like to be overly manoseada and dealings with children are very complex. Another key of this race is that, If not used them since a very young age (puppy's 2 to 4 months), they will never leave them to collars or chains, do not support them because they do not accept feel limited his movements or his freedom.

To say that it is bad-tempered, warned them that in full demonstrations nurturing them toward their closest masters, they are capable of having rage attacks, where they morderán and gruñirán. They love being the center of attention, asking to be integrated into the activities of family, from a ride up meals, being very common among the owners of these puppies, These do to sit at the table.

His recklessness, daring and bravery, as we already knew by his Leonine ancestors, is proverbial. Do not hesitate to impose – If see invaded its territory (Although it is not actually)- before a German Shepherd, a Rottweiler, a St. Bernard or a Great Dane. Do not hesitate to immediately attacking a dog of several times their size, and not with shouts and barks, but running rights against the enemy, and attacking with claws and fangs.

They love the comfort of home, avoid to a curse that confused them with dogs “lower class”. They have the right to share food and bed directly with the masters. Beds of feathers and food prepared for them. This is his way of living accustomed.

On the occasions in which fall into the misfortune of abandonment, they are tremendously vulnerable. Will never see a Pekinese tramp because one of two, or they adopt it immediately, or does not survive.

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