Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso It is a breed of dog of Tibetan origin, small size, characterized mainly by the great length of his hair, whose main purpose is to prevent heat loss to withstand cold temperatures and protect against solar radiation.

It is said that already existed around the year 800 a. C. Its main task was the alert with their strong barking to the Tibetan mastiffs the presence of strangers.

They are symbol of luck, Why were aways the monks to the senior leaders of other countries. It is said that he welcomes the soul of their owners when they die. It is a somewhat peculiar character dog, that it needs an owner who can understand.

The Lhasa Apso is a breed of small size but no thumbnail. The ideal height at the cross round one 25-28 cm.. The weight is not specified, but the desire will be surrounding a 8-9 kg, More or less. It also depends on the country of origin. It is a dog of strong structure and tends to be longer than high.

It has abundant hair, double layer, It protects it from the inclement weather. It tends to form knots on a regular basis, so it requires a careful hair care. Even brushing it every day it is possible to continue forming knots, especially if given good life dog. I.e., many owners and breeders of these dogs to keep the hair in perfect condition, and thus to submit it in exhibitions, limited to draw very little walk, where the hair danger be damaged. If leads it to the mountain, Beach, field, etc., the formation of knots is inevitable, but it will be a strong and happy dog.

It has a long fringe that falls on your eyes and they hide their beautiful Tibetan look. When you look at front not the white of the eyes will appreciate. It is found in a wide variety of colors: sand, honey, Golden, black, grey, White and particolor (consisting of white and another color), the most common being the Golden. The tail is populated with long hair and high insertion.

It is a dog in a State of constant alert and formal, is usually to show something suspicious with strangers. Takes it time making friends, but when they do it will be forever. It is a very intelligent dog who shows him being very stubborn. It will monitor the House and will alert when you notice something strange. In their daily lives may be dominant with other dogs (the leader). Quiet nature, joyful, playful and very greedy. They are very affectionate dogs with his master, Although sometimes they are very jealous when his master is with young children or other dogs.

Dogs breeds: Lhasa Apso

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