Majorca Shepherd Dog
España FCI 321 - Ca de bestiar

Ca de Bestiar

The Majorca Shepherd Dog Majorcan Shepherd Dog, It is a breed of dog originating in Mallorca.



Also known as Shepherd, it is believed that this breed has existed since ancient times. Through the years, this dog would have grown up with a variety of local Mallorcan dogs, as well as other European Shepherd dogs, and it was not until 1970 which he puts any restrictions on their upbringing. In fact, its breed standard was written as recently as 1980. It was in 2006 the UKC He recognized the race within its group of herding dogs.

Appreciated through the centuries by the Spaniards for their ability to be a versatile farm dog, sheepdog Mallorca was used both to herd cattle to monitor the property and animals. It has also been reported that Majorca Shepherd Dog was widely used in dogfighting, a practice that is now illegal. Although still it used on farms today, and also often it kept as a pet, this rare breed once seen internationally and is considered a rare breed.

Physical characteristics

The Majorca Shepherd Dog is a large size dog, average weight, well proportioned, rustic, strong and large muscles, flexible and robust.

There are two varieties: long hair and most widespread short-haired. The head is well modeled, large and provided with the body, but not so much as to look like a molosser. Craniofacial shafts are slightly convergent; the relationship between the skull and the muzzle is of 1:1.

The color eyes goes from amber to dark brown, and his expression is intelligent and enigmatic.

The ears, small in relation to the head, they are triangular, inserted at the top and are normally bent, fall tips.

The tail Start horizontally, is horizontal section, It has thick base and it tapers towards the tip.

Hair: the short hair variety has quite thin Undercoat. In the variety of long hair, hair coverage can reach a length of 7 cm and it is slightly wavy. In both varieties should be soft and fine.

Color: the only supported is black, optionally with white spots on chest and feet.

Size: males, of 66 to 73 cm.; females, of 62 to 68 cm.. The weight is usually of 40 kg approximately.

FCI Bestiar AC


Sub-convex profile dog, large without being exaggerated and medium-weight size. It is totally black or black with white spot on chest, well proportioned, rustic, strong, muscular, robust and agile. There are two varieties of hair:

  • Short hair, the most common variety.
  • Long hair.


Dog subhipermetrico, mediolineo and sub-convex.

  • The female accepts a longitudinal diameter of up to a 3% greater than the height of the cross.
  • Length of the muzzle is equal to the length of the skull.
  • The length of the head must be equal to the length of the neck.
  • In the adult male the thoracic perimeter, taken together the cross behind the elbows, It is about a cms rather than its height at the withers.


Dog of great nobility, only an owner that accepts loads of strangers with difficulty.
Intelligent, docile, loving, shy on end and reserved in his youth ; his sentimentality comes to unsuspected. Faithful to his master until death. If we explore in his eyes it will give us the feeling thinks. It is courageous and quarrelsome.

HEAD: Slightly triangular profile; view dorsally is wider at the top than at the bottom; solid, but not heavy; large enough to accommodate a good intelligence; well molded and proportionate to the body; It must be rather large, but never a trotting type. The supranasal line is parallel to the cranial. Slightly divergent skull-facial axes.


Skull: Sub-convex profile. The width of the head, taken between the storms, It should be slightly higher ( approximately
1,2 %) the length between the supraorbital line and occiput. Can see a slight furrow in the first third of the line media front. Marked occipital Crest.
Depression links (Stop): Marked, but never sudden, in mild decline.


  • Truffle: Wet, fresh, black, large, with broad nostrils; No split. It despuntuará significantly if you have stains of barks or lighter.
  • Snout: Width, rather strong ; It should not be in tip, But yes should accentuate your height and width as it nears the orbits. In the variety "AC cabrer ' (long hair) more pointed. The dorsal profile of the nasal helm is sub-convex. The profile of the branches of the lower jaw is straight. Black color palate.
  • Lips: Black ; the high not seen to the bottom while your mouth closed ; the labial commissure is little noticeable and they go unnoticed because they are well proportioned to the head.
  • JAWS / Teeth: Very white teeth, well developed and well placed, closed scissors, making the incisors true upper ends prey with the lower canines. The molars developed.
  • Eyes: Rather small, slightly almond ; are not prominent nor sunken in orbits ; not far apart from each other, centered, slightly oblique, lively. Color between the Rosemary honey (something clear) and of the honey, carob (Dark). Enigmatic expression, with look smart and sad at the same time, where denotes even distrust. The eyelids are thin, black and oblique, close to the eye.
  • Ears: Broken, small size in relation to the head, triangular, reaching the tear in the eye of its corresponding side tip, or is approximately equal to the length of your skull. Without amputating, slightly thick, high insertion, separating your tip slightly skull, with a longitudinal fold and another cross around the first third.
  • Position of the ears: usually folded and falls, something separate from the muzzle. Played back in standby ; in State care by the transverse fold levantadolas, separating them from the snout than usual.

NECK: Massif, muscular, strong and proportionate to the head and body. Thick, with very little double chin, cylindrical, acentuandose more on the base diameter. The skin is tough and elastic, or fine or thick, firmly attached to the neck at its top and sides, more detached on the bottom.


  • As a whole: Robust, very well proportioned, giving the impression of strength and agility while.
  • Cross: Marked and at least at the same height that the upper part of the rump ; the large area between the scapulae and strong.
  • Dorso-lumbar line: Straight, horizontal, never built.
  • Pork loin: Wide and powerful.
  • Rump: Medium, slightly rounded, Broadband, powerful and muscular; never drop or prominent. The top should be at the same height as the cross. Interiliaca width should be equal to the length of iliaco-isquiatica .
  • Breast : Wide and high, maximum reaching the elbow; a width approximately equal to the length of the neck; quite deep, not prominent, with slightly pronounced sternum. Arched ribs (non-flat or in barrel).
  • Belly and flanks: Fairly bulky flanks. Slightly gathered belly, never agalgado, nor descended to be confused with continued chest. Something stylish, You must give the impression of agility.

TAIL: Horizontal insertion and circular section, rather thick at its birth. Some 8 cm base flattens slightly at its lower profile, in a few 10 length cm, to continue then the tapered circular to its end. Without amputating. A length that should reach at least to the Hock, without touching the ground.

No tuft or fringe, Although it is authorised, If this is light, copies of older. In the variety of long hair you must have abundant and long fringe. Size of the queue : in rest naturally drop or slightly curved outwards, slightly touching the hocks, default is considered serious if your tip should touch the ground. Undulating and raised more than the horizontal sickle-shaped, without screwing it, When in action.



  • As a whole: Strong Member ; correct limbs ; seen from front and profile parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground.
  • Shoulder: Oblique and strong.
  • Scapulo-humeral angle: 115°.
  • Arms: Of equal length to the scapula.
  • Elbows: Without deviations, glued to the chest. Radial-humerus angle : 130°.
  • Forearm: Strong, well angled, perpendicular. Vertical bones, strong, long and right.
  • Metacarpus: Short and slightly tilted.
  • Previous feet: Almost of Hare (something shorter and wider than they), finger semialtos, semiarqueados, together, and with the very hard and black pad. Without acute interdigital membrane.


  • As a whole: Muscular, strong ; correct limbs. Dimmed and hard muscle relief.
  • Coxal-femoral angle: 115°, peer-to-scapulo-humeral.
  • Thigh: Strong and muscular.
  • Stifle-tibial angle: 130°, same as the radial-humerus
  • Leg: Long and powerful.
  • Hock: Little pronounced, of very open angle of 135 °. The height of the Hock is about somewhat lower than the one-third of its height at the withers.
  • Metatarsus: Well marked.
  • Back feet: Almost of Hare, crushed, with fingers together and semiarqueados. Pad hard and black. Arched nails, black and hard. Without acute interdigital membrane. May be born with or without Spurs, in the first case they must amputate.

MOVEMENT: His way of walking must be firm and elegant. Trot in diagonal bipeds, Tip slightly posterior third, respect to the previous. The Gallop will be franco, rustic fast, the rear legs wide apart at its base with soil, placing them outside of the hands, as if it were jumping. The preferred step and the work is the Gallop.

SKIN: Elastic, without folds, hard and light grey.


  • HAIR: Short and glued to the skin, its length ranging about 1,5 cm to 3 cm on the spine ; very fine Undercoat, low thickness and very attached to the skin. In the long-haired variety may be slightly wavy on the spine, approximate length of more of 7 cm depending on the time of year, with the largest winter. Well distributed and thin Undercoat, grow hair in their normal length in the fringe of the queue, Tip of the ears and back of the limbs. In both varieties should be smooth, hard and quite thin.
  • COLOR: The only supported color is black, varieties of Jet, regular and peceno. The target is supported only in the chest, in the form of thin tie under neck and anterior and posterior foot, despuntuando according to its easy visibility in nails and tips of the toes. The Jet Black landmark is the most appreciated, nature of the ordinary black and the peceno.


  • Height to the cross: Between 66 and 73 cm for males. Between 62 and 68 cm for females.
    Specimens with heights of a cm more or less to the limits given are supported ; in this case you must subtract score.
  • Weight: Environment to 40 kg.

FAULTS: Any deviation from the above criteria is considered missing and the seriousness is considered the degree of deviation to the standard and its impact on the health and welfare of the dog.

• Dogs drool.
• Fangs cut.
• Ears very raised at rest, very large very separated from the face or completely glued to it.
• Belly very collected (whippety).
• Curled tail; white tail tip.
• Spot white chest of more than 1 dm².
• All fingers of a foot white.


• Dog aggressive or fearful.
• Head Mastiff, very wide and heavy or Hound, long and narrow with just pronounced stop.
• Pink or White Truffle.
• upper or lower over Prognathism 3 mm.
• Eyes of different colors from each other ; eye that is not of the color that goes from the Rosemary honey (something clear) the carob-honey (Dark) ; very clear eye.
• Orejas amputated, stiff in action or almost stiff at rest.
• collar with double chin, more thickly along the skull than at its base, longer that a 10% length ranging from truffles to the occipital Crest.
• Body too long or short ; height of the top of the rump in a 3% greater than the height at the cross.
• very thick Cola, or of equal thickness at the base and tip ; excessively long to touch the ground ; amputated or missing you each 2 cm to reach the Hock ; with abundant fringe in the variety of short hair, with or without bangs in long hair variety.
• color other than black, or, in dogs being black, an anterior or posterior foot white or another color ; white shoes member in whatever their number of limbs ; not totally black body (with the exception of the chest, rare hair on the belly, perpucio or tip of the tail), stains, without disqualify, they notably despuntuarán. They despuntuarán not consequential white hairs of bites, trauma or other similar injuries, or the white hairs from the face own age. White fingers not disqualify, unless the animal is more than six, despuntuando notably each ; a single finger white or another color in the previous feet disqualifies the dog.
• Height of the cross over 74 cm in males and more of 70 cm in females. The cross of less height of 66 cm in males and less of 60 cm in females.
• Weight less than 30 kg and over 50 kg in males, under weight 25 kg and over 45 kg in females ; still being within the aforementioned limits, very skinny dogs, visibly obese or very saddled (having tolerance in pregnant females).

General appearance and temperament – 21 points
Presentation (cleaning and porte) – 4 points
Hair (length and hardness) – 4 points
Layer (color and brightness, 7+2) – 9 points
Temperament/behavior – 4 points

Head- 21 points
Skull and stop – 4 points
Snout, nose and lips – 5 points
Teeth and palate (2+1) – 3 points
Eyes – 5 points
Color- 2 points
Form, size and separation- 2 points
Eyelids – 1 point

Ears (form, thickness, inclusion, size) – 4 points
Neck – 4 points
Trunk- 21 points
Cross – 1 point
Back and back – 5 points
Rump – 3 points
Belly – 2 points
Breast , chest, Ribeye, size – 10 points

Tail (form, length and fringes) – 2 points
Extremities- 19 points
Previous limbs – 6 points
Rear limbs – 8 points
Feet ant. and post., fingers, nails,
hardness of pads – 5 points
Movement- 12 points
Size of the ears – 3 points
Size of the queue – 3 points
Trot – 2 points
Gallop – 4 points
Total : 100 points

Proportional measurements (ideal for the male)

Weight – 41 kg
Height to the cross – 71 cm.
Height to the rump – 71 cm.
Height to the chest – 39 cm.
Longitudinal diameter – 71 cm.


Length of the snout – 13 cm.
Length of the skull – 13 cm.
Total length of the head – 26 cm.
Length of the neck – 26 cm.
Long ear – 13 cm.
Queue length – 52 cm.
Height at the Hock – 23 cm.

Length of the hair on the back

Variety of short hair – 2 cm.
Long hair variety (between seasons) – 7 cm.

Width of head – 15 cm.
Chest perimeter – 81/83 cm.
Width of chest – 26 cm.
Perimeter of the neck – 49 cm.

Any dog showing clear physical abnormalities or behavioral signs shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Los machos deben tener dos apariencia testiculos normal completamente descendidos en el escroto.

Character and skills

He is a shepherd dog with skills for the job of guard and defense. It´s Intelligent, docile and affectionate, Although puppy it is usually shy and reserved. For this reason it is important to socialize to the maximum so that it encloses in itself.

The adult is very distrustful to strangers and he joins a very strong bond with his master. Her enigmatic gaze not glimpse of his thoughts. It has an extraordinary courage and willing to everything in order to defend their loved. It's a little known breed outside the Balearic Islands, so to acquire a good puppy should address to breeders of the Islands.

Majorca Shepherd Dog Images

Majorca Shepherd Dog Videos

Type and recognitions:

  • CLASSIFICATION FCI:Group 1 –> Herding dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs). / Section 1 –> Sheepdogs. Without working trial.
  • FCI 321
  • Federations: FCI
  • Estádar FCI Majorca Shepherd Dog

Alternative names:

    1. Ca de bestia, Pastor mallorquín (English).
    2. Berger de Majorque (French).
    3. Ca de Bestiar (German).
    4. Ca de Bestiar (Portuguese).
    5. Perro de Pastor Mallorquín (Spanish).
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