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Posted by tiadoc | 22 April 2011

- Majorca shepherd dog - España FCI 321

Ca de Bestiar

The CA de Bestiar Majorcan Shepherd Dog, It is a breed of dog originating in Mallorca.
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Majorcan shepherd dog or CA de Bestiar is a breed of dog originally from Mallorca. Traditionally used in the Majorcan countryside as the guardian of flocks, It has a characteristic black fur. Black is the color recognized by the standard, but it is not the only. There are white feet, collarados, Red and atigrados skirts. This last is being currently a breeding and recovery program.

From very old was used as a sheepdog for all types of livestock, even birds, and as a guard and defence in the houses of possession. Although the time of arrival is unknown, some assumptions point to who came either with the conquest of the King Jaime I or shortly after this, the centuries pastoralists and Majorcan foravilers they bestowed very own and distinct not only from other Islander dogs characteristics, but also of its neighbours in the surroundings of the Mediterranean.

In the Decade of 1970 began its selection and controlled breeding, and because in the year 1980 the standard was drafted to set the characteristics and to have a valid reference for the valuation and advice on playback, fences carried out by the Club of the “Bestiar-CA” and that has been a cornerstone for recovery. This racial prototype was accepted by the RSCPFRCE (Royal canine Central society for the promotion of the races of Spain) and also recognized by the world body: the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) the day 13 in September of 1982 with the num. 321 classifying it as a group 1. 1st Shepherd dogs section.

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Physical characteristics

The CA de Bestiar is a large size dog, average weight, well proportioned, rustic, strong and large muscles, flexible and robust.

There are two varieties: long hair and most widespread short-haired. The head is well modeled, large and provided with the body, but not so much as to look like a molosser. Craniofacial shafts are slightly convergent; the relationship between the skull and the muzzle is of 1:1.

The color eyes goes from amber to dark brown, and his expression is intelligent and enigmatic.

The ears, small in relation to the head, they are triangular, inserted at the top and are normally bent, fall tips.

The tail Start horizontally, is horizontal section, It has thick base and it tapers towards the tip.

Hair: the short hair variety has quite thin Undercoat. In the variety of long hair, hair coverage can reach a length of 7 cm and it is slightly wavy. In both varieties should be soft and fine.

Color: the only supported is black, optionally with white spots on chest and feet.

Size: males, of 66 to 73 cm.; females, of 62 to 68 cm.. The weight is usually of 40 kg approximately.

FCI Bestiar AC
Character and skills

He is a shepherd dog with skills for the job of guard and defense. It´s Intelligent, docile and affectionate, Although puppy it is usually shy and reserved. For this reason it is important to socialize to the maximum so that it encloses in itself.

The adult is very distrustful to strangers and he joins a very strong bond with his master. Her enigmatic gaze not glimpse of his thoughts. It has an extraordinary courage and willing to everything in order to defend their loved. It's a little known breed outside the Balearic Islands, so to acquire a good puppy should address to breeders of the Islands.

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  • Alternative names: Ca de Bestiar / Perro de pastor mallorquín / Chien de berger de Majorque / Mallorca-schäferhund / Majorca shepherd dog
  • Group 1 / Section 1 – Shepherd dogs and dogs boyeros (except dogs Swiss boyeros).

Dogs breeds: CA de Bestiar

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