Clumber Spaniel
Inglaterra FCI 109 . Flushing Dogs

Clumber Spaniel

This Clumber Spaniel medium to large size is sweet and gentle, with a deceptively relaxed appearance



Little is actually known about the origins of race, but legend says that the Duc de Noailles of France He gave his dear spaniels his English counterpart, the Duke of Newcastle, to save them from the horrors of the French Revolution. The dogs were sent to the estate of the Duke in Clumber Park, which later they acquired the name of race. Based on the paintings of that time, the Clumber They have not changed much in two centuries: Dogs still have a temperament somewhat reserved, as well as a sensible appearance, rather than striking. The Basset Hound and a dog known as spaniel alpino (an extinct race), probably they listed in their genealogy.

Interest in the race continued during the nineteenth century, and even they were exhibited Clumbers in one of the first dog shows in 1859. The Clumber Spaniels also they became popular among the British aristocracy. Real race fans included the prince Albert and a Edward VII.

It has been allowed to be heavier, starting at 1950, and the weight limit is currently 34 Kg despite the excess in some specimens. Anyway, breed lovers make sure that this large does not cause any weakness in his hind.

Did You Know?

Some major British were in love with the Clumber Spaniel: The husband of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, and Edward VII, They were both fans of the race.

Physical characteristics

It is a well balanced dog, of bones strong, Active, with a reflective expression; overall appearance denoting strength. The Clumber should be firm, active and able to perform daily work in the field.

Its shape is similar to that of the Sussex Spaniel smaller. The Clumber It has a heavy bone structure, Their fur is dense, Weatherproof, straight and flat, with hair around the ears, belly and legs. The tufts are predominantly white with lemon colored spots, brown or orange around the eyes and the base of the tail.

Ideal weight: Males: 29,5 – 34 kg. Females: 25 – 29,5 kg.

Character and skills

According to the breed standard, the Clumber Spaniel He is loyal and affectionate with his family. It can be reserved with strangers, but it is never aggressive or timid. Good words for firm include, reliable, friendly and worthy… but do not let that fool you their dignified behavior. The Clumber is very smart, determined to get what he wants, and more agile than it looks. During his puppy, which usually lasts until three or four years, it can be a wild dog running through the house at breakneck speed and gets into many problems. (For some, Part of getting into trouble never ends.) On the positive side, the Clumber also it tends to stay young at heart well into old age.

If they raised together, the Clumber and children can become fast friends. If you still have no children, make sure your Clumber meet the children of your friends often and from an early age, to get used to the loud screams and rapid movements. The Clumber also gets along well with other dogs, and it is friendly with cats, ferrets and other small pets, as long as the know. Because of its sporty nature, considers that the furry or feathered creatures that live outdoors are animals hunting. In other words, is more likely that your Clumber swallow your whole wild bird to look after him delicately.

On a walk, the Clumber it moves at a slow and steady pace. It does not have high levels of energy from many other races that are dedicated to collecting and point, but it has the ability to break through any type of shrub that stand in your way. In addition, It has an infinite resistance, so it is a great companion for hiking and hunting, recovering quickly and enjoys water. To keep fit and out of trouble, need rides 20 - 30 minutes twice a day. If you have a fenced yard, Do not assume that exercised. Like the rest of us, the Clumber need motivation from a friend to get up and go.

The Clumber It is an independent thinker, so it can be stubborn. Train Your Clumber requires patience and the ability to convince him to do what you want is actually all her idea. It's a good problem solver; The point is that the problem that often involves doing something forbidden resolved. any dog, no matter how nice it is, You may develop obnoxious barking levels… and the Clumber is no exception. Some Clumbers They are naturally quiet, other bark at all, and some of them fall somewhere in the middle. If you live with, Let's say, a burrow, expects you Clumber learn to bark a lot.

Start training your puppy the day you bring it home. Even at eight weeks old, He is able to absorb everything you can teach. Do not wait until you have 6 months to start training him or you'll have to deal with a more stubborn dog. If possible, take it to the class of kindergarten for puppies when you have between 10 and 12 weeks, y socialize, socialize, socialize. However, Note that many kinds of training puppies require certain vaccinations (such as kennel cough) are a day, and many veterinarians recommend limited exposure to dogs and other public places until vaccines puppies (including rabies, distemper and parvovirus) They are completed. Instead of formal training, You can start training your puppy to socialize at home and among family and friends until immunizations are completed in the puppy.


White and fringed coat Clumber requires a moderate amount of toilet: If you want me to be handsome, bathe him once a month, and brush or comb his coat during 10 - 15 minutes, up to three times a week, to prevent tangles and remove dead hair. You should also cut back on their feet, ears and feathers.

The locks were off at a moderate pace strong throughout the year, so buy a good vacuum cleaner; regular brushing will also reduce the amount of hair floating in your home.

The rest are routine care: Cut off nails every few weeks and keep drooping ears clean and dry to prevent infection. You should also brush his teeth regularly to maintain good overall health and fresh breath.


The Clumber Spaniel They are generally healthy, but they are susceptible to some conditions, including eye problems such as Entropion and ectropion, keratoconjunctivitis sicca, or dry eye, and falls. They may also be prone to hip dysplasia and an inherited condition called deficiency pyruvate dehydrogenase phosphatase , which can cause exercise intolerance and heart and lung problems.

Not all of these conditions are detectable on a growing puppy, and it is impossible to predict whether an animal will be free from these diseases, so you need to find a reputable breeder who commit to raise healthier animals possible. You must be able to produce an independent certification that the parents of the dog (and grandparents, etc.) They have been examined for defects common and considered healthy for breeding. That's where they enter medical records.

Careful breeders their dogs examined for genetic diseases, and only raise better-looking specimens, but sometimes Mother Nature has other ideas and a puppy can develop one of these conditions. In the majority of cases, still you can live a good life, thanks to advances in veterinary medicine. Having said that, not all visits to the vet involve a genetic problem. Puppies love to eat them things, so it's not uncommon to develop gastroenteritis (intestine garbage) or require surgery to remove random objects from the intestines, as hand towels and toys.

And remember that you have the power to protect your Clumber one of the most common health problems: the obesity. You keep a healthy weight is a simple way to prolong the life of your Clumber avoiding problems such as hip dysplasia.

Ratings of the Clumber Spaniel

Coexistence is important that you have with your new friend. Before considering the acquisition of a dog of the breed “Clumber Spaniel” you know certain factors. Not all breeds of dogs are apt to live in an apartment, You must take into account their character, their need for exercise, their interaction with other pets, your care and if you have young children, their level of tolerance towards them.

Adaptation ⓘ

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Dog friendly ⓘ

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Hair loss ⓘ

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Affection Level ⓘ

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Need to exercise ⓘ

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Social Needs ⓘ

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Apartment ⓘ

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Grooming ⓘ

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Stranger Friendly ⓘ

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Barking Tendencies ⓘ

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Health Issues ⓘ

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Territorial ⓘ

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Cat Friendly ⓘ

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intelligence ⓘ

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versatility ⓘ

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Child Friendly ⓘ

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Watchdog Ability ⓘ

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Playfulness ⓘ

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Images of the Clumber Spaniel


1. Clumber Spaniel in Tallinn by Tomasyna / CC BY-SA
2. Clumber Spaniel during show of dogs in Rybnik – Stone, Poland by Pleple2000 / CC BY-SA
3. Clumber_spaniel en el World Dog Show en Poznań by Pleple2000 / CC BY-SA
4. 2015 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, New York City by Pets Adviser from Brooklyn, USA / CC
5. Clumber Spaniel by audrey_sel / CC BY-SA
6. A Clumber Spaniel by Canarian / CC BY-SA

Videos del Clumber Spaniel

Type and recognitions:

  • CLASSIFICATION FCI:Group 8 –> Retrievers, Flushing dogs, water dogs. / Section 2 –> Flushing dogs. With working trial.
  • FCI 109
  • Federations: FCI , AKC , ANKC , CKC , ​KC , NZKC , UKC
  • FCI standard of the Clumber Spaniel breed

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