English Toy Spaniel
King Charles Spaniel

English Toy Spaniel

The English Toy Spaniel, known as King Charles Spaniel (King Charles Spaniel) It is a small size breed developed in England.

The current documentation of this breed said to you have originated in the far East, mainly, in Japan. They also claim that the first English Toy Spaniel were seen in Europe - for the first time- during the 16th century.

While it is true that, mysteries abound in the canine world, It is known that the English Toy Spaniel shares common ancestry with the Pekingese and Japanese Chin. But the real success of these toddlers was born when they were given as a gift to European royalty, especially with his association with King Charles II of England (1630-1685), Although they have been linked with English royalty from the time of Mary Tudor (1516-1558).

Copies of the English Toy Spaniel breed have been owned by other characters of royalty such as her Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna (Russia), the Queen Victoria (Monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland of 1837 to 1876) and of the Queen Elizabeth II (Queen of Spain between 1833 and 1868). Y, the list is very long, but we will leave it around here... Also, He starred in various tables that confirm their former existence and further development in Europe.

According to one of the theories, who introduced the small Spaniel breed in England was the Captain John Saris around the corner from his trip to Japan in the year 1613, and he offered them gift to the monarchy.

The English Toy Spaniel breed, According to the historians, descended from small Asian races, but it was developed in England, where they were raised as pets of royalty. Charles II of England had several copies, and hence comes the name of the race.

During the 19th century farmers modified race to obtain copies of smaller size, with more rounded head and face flat.

But in the 20th century, they decided to restore the lines of the English Toy Spaniel from the times of King Charles II, mixing races such as the extinct Toy Trawler Spaniel and the now popular Cavalier King Charles spaniel. The Cavalier is a little larger than the English Toy Spaniel, It has a head flat and more prominent nose, While the English Toy Spaniel is smaller, It has the domed head and flat face.

Historically, the races that were merged in the King Charles Spaniel were used for hunting, but due to his stature not they fit all work... Although they have maintained their hunting instincts, do not have high energy and endurance which are most suitable to be corporate dogs.

Since the century 16, was the rich ladies fashion carry small water dogs in their sightseeing walks, they were called “Comforters (dildos)”. But in the Decade of 1830, this fashion was no longer in vogue, and these types of water dogs were increasingly rare.

In 1903, the Kennel Club four races combined Toy Spaniel that agreement with the owner (and colour) they were popularly separated. Other varieties that were merged in this race were Blenheim Spaniel, Ruby Spaniel and King Charles Spaniel, each contributed one of the four colors available on race.

English Toy Spaniel is a small dog, Compact and robust weighs in 3,6 to 6,5 kilograms and has a height to the cross of 23 to 28 cm.. They have a strong physical construction, with a head shaped characteristic of dome or vaulted.

Its small and black nose, with broad nostrils, and with well-defined fronto-nasal depression. It has eyes are large and well rounded, the ears are long and fall you on the cheeks, the lower jaw is broad and somewhat outgoing.

English Toy Spaniel has a soft and silky mantle that may be four different colors:

  • King Charles (Rey Carlos): shiny black with bronze cheek color marks, on the edge of the ears, on the eyes, in the legs and under the tail.
  • Blenheim: is white with red spots distributed symmetrically. The ears and cheeks should be red, with a white stripe that runs from the nose to the neck.
  • Prince Charles (Prince Charles): is white with black patches, Black ears and stain color bronze in the face, above the eyes and below the tail.
  • Ruby: solid red color.

English Toy Spaniel is a friendly race, is not a guard dog but if they perceived the presence of a stranger, You can bark to alert their owners. It is not a race of great energy, enjoy the company of family members loves the role of lap dog.

To remember: the breed Cavalier King Charles is very similar, but larger, they should not be confused.

Despite getting along and be tolerant with children do not like to spend long periods of time with them, Perhaps because it is one of the quieter breeds of dogs pequeños… It is ideal to live in apartments.

Due to its stable temperament, You can be a successful dog therapy for hospitals and nursing homes.

The modern breed is prone to several health problems, above all the heart and eye.

English Toy Spaniel – King Charles Spaniel

Photo: Wikimedia.org

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