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Belgian Shepherd Laekenois
Bélgica FCI 15 . Sheepdogs

Pastor Belga Laekenois

The Belgian Shepherd Laekenois It is the oldest sheepdog and the rarest variety of “Belgian Shepherd”.



The Belgian Shepherd Laekenois is a dog inside the 4 varieties into which the Belgian Shepherd. The name of Laekenois it is due to the Laeken neighborhood, located in the Belgian city of Brussels where was selected.

The Belgian Shepherd Laekenois originated as a sheep herding dog at Laeken Royal Castle.

In addition to his pastoral leadership, This dog was used as a guard dog for example, when the shepherds put the sun to dry the clothes, the Belgian Shepherd Laekenois I was in charge of guarding it.

Although it is not one of roles than most proud can feel the human being, It was also used as Messenger dog during the first and the second world war. I head this paragraph like this because we have enough information about what dogs have suffered throughout our history, at some stinking date.

Until the advent of dog shows in the year 1900, the four varieties could be mixed indiscriminately, in those days there were no classifications as they are now.

It is very difficult to try to delve into the history of the variety of Belgian Shepherd Laekenois because all four varieties share a common history, with different but common avatars.

What we do know is that the Belgian Shepherd Laekenois, In addition to be considered the oldest breed of dog is the rarest variety within the Belgian shepherds dog breed.

Anyway, If someone wants to deepen in the history of these precious dogs, You can read the entry dedicated to the race Belgian Shepherd.

Physical characteristics

Along with the Malinois, Groenendael and the Tervueren shares the same standard and differs only in the type, length and color of hair.

Just like all the Belgian Shepherd, the Laekenois is one of medium-sized and proportionately square.

It is a dog of harmonious proportions and rustic air. In comparison with the German Shepherd, for example, is more agile, Lightweight and small.

They have the ears triangular and rigid, the tail it is long and usually falls when it is at rest and when they are in action, in high.

The eyes in, the four varieties, Belgian Shepherd are small and dark.

The most significant feature of the Laekenois, is your hard, tawny fur, pretty hairy and with out aspect.

The the mantle Brown intermingled with black but configuring a homogeneous color (carborane Brown). Most of the most prestigious kennel clubs admit within the standard a somewhat more prominent black shading on the snout and tail..

As well, supports a small white patch on the chest and should be darker mask.

finally insist, in terms of physical and structural characteristics, the four varieties share a standard and the only thing that differs radically is in the type of coat.

In so far as the temperament, If there are certain differences but not significant.

Character and skills

The Belgian Shepherd Laekenois is a dog lively, always alert, obedient and very fell. He is brave, Intelligent.

in your country of origin, in general, dogs Belgian Shepherd, They are often used as police dogs.. But nowadays, they have gained much popularity as a family dog.

Within the family, is a dog playful and joyful always seek contact with the children, She loves.

The Belgian Shepherd Laekenois, they can compete in agility, obedience, show, flyball, tracking, and it can be trained to compete in herding trials.

But of the four varieties, to be the dog that has the least spectacular mantle, Everytime unimportant in contests and movie buff general worldwide.


There is a little exemplary nervous that usually give some problem in defense work because they have an excess of mistrust, but with good training there will be no problem.

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Belgian Laekenois / Belgian Shepherd Dog (Laeken) / Chien de Berger Belge / Berger Belge Laekenois

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