vizsla Wirehaired

Vizsla Wirehaired

The vizsla Wirehaired or Vizsla hair hard is a dog from rare breed originally from Hungary, It is estimated - about- occur between 140 and 150 copies per year.

The Vizsla Wirehaired was developed in the Decade of 1930, initially by Vasas Jozsef, owner of the a Vizsla dogs Kennel called "Csabai Vizsla" along with Gresznarik Laszlo, owner of a Kennel of dogs German Braco of hair hard (German Wirehaired Pointer). His goal was to create a dog that combined the Vizsla with a thicker layer of hair color, It would allow him to work in cold climates and - above all- in the recovery of prey in icy waters.

Two bitches Vizsla (Zsuzsi and Csibi), with an excellent pedigree and good ability to work, they were selected for breeding together with a German Wirehaired Pointer, color liver (Astor Von Potat). There was the first issue that was approaching the goal of these two breeders, a dog with Vizsla body and the head of a German Braco of hair hard and although his hair was not sufficiently rough and coarse, This copy was the promising beginning of the creation of the new generation of Vizsla Wirehaired.

The Vizsla Wirehaired was recognized in Europe by the FCI under the official standard of Hungary in 1966. Was also recognized by the Kennel Club of United Kingdom. After being introduced to North America in the year 1970, the Vizsla Wirehaired was recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club in 1977 and in North America was included in the records of the Association of breeders of versatile hunting dogs in 1986.

The breed was recognized by the UKC (United Kennel Club) in 2006. Is also recognised in North America by the ARBA (American Association of rare breeds), as well as in the American Field Dog Association records (American Association of field dogs). The breed was admitted by the foundation of the AKC file service (FSS) in 2008. But it was the 1 of January 2009, "when the Vizsla Wirehaired became eligible to compete in"performance events"of the Spaniel".

The 1 in January of 2011, the Vizsla Wirehaired became part of the miscellaneous group, in the classification of the AKC. There are approximately 400 or 450 of Vizsla Wirehaired in United States and around the world between 2500 and 3000 specimens.

Like the Vizsla, the Vizsla Wirehaired is a natural Hunter endowed with an extraordinary sense of smell, comparable to the Pointer and an above-average learning ability. Although they are encouraged, kind, emotional and sensitive, they are equally intrepid and have a well-developed protective instinct. Its hunting style is near, laceando without moving away from the Hunter hunting for the hand. They hunt in terrain, they are very versatile, and they can hunt all kinds of parts, either hair or feather. They are very athletic and resistant. Its recovery capacity is high, charge very well and can train you very easily.

Not only are large crawlers, but also, excellent collectors. Both on Earth and since water that, they are very good swimmers, and in the case of the Vizsla Wirehaired, its coat of wire allows you to get into cold waters to search for prey.

The Vizsla Wirehaired is a thin but a little more robust than the Vizsla dog. The males measure of 58 - 64 cm and weigh in 20 - 29 kg, the females measure of 54 - 60 cm and weigh in 18 - 25 Kg.

The mantle is an attractive reddish or colour Golden Sands. In some countries where the practice is permitted, the tail can be cut to three quarters of its original length.

The coat is rough, glued to the body, strong and dense, of approximately 3.2 cm long, with a dense water repellent layer. Eyebrows handed down along with a prominent beard of a 3.2 cm long on both sides of the mouth reinforce the expression characteristic and so funny this dog. The coat should not be long, soft and silky, but rough and very rough to the touch.

The only thing that differentiates to the vizsla Wirehaired of the Vizsla It is its hard layer of hair that is resistant to climatic inclemencies, but on issues of temperament, they are also caring.

Not only are large crawlers, but also, excellent collectors. Both on Earth and since water that, they are very good swimmers. Like all dogs hunting, the Vizsla Wirehaired require a good deal of exercise to stay healthy and happy. He is very intelligent and likes to feel challenged and stimulated, both mentally and physically. Why they need a workout according to its characteristics, sweet, consistent and dedicated.

Y, like the Vizsla, the Vizsla Wirehaired is a very energetic dog, soft and delicate manners, fair, loving and very warm. They often form close bonds with their owners, including children, that is why sometimes, nicknamed them "velcro dogs" because of his loyalty and affection, far from being lap it is always close to his master. They are quiet dogs, They ladrarán only if necessary. Many sleep in bed with their owners and, If they are allowed, They shall always endeavour to make a huequito under the sheets.

Dogs breeds: vizsla Wirehaired

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