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Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound
Francia FCI 322 - Large-sized Hounds

Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound

The Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound is considered rare, very little spread outside of France and currently little used even in your country.


The Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound is a large and powerful sporting dog with its origin in France. He is praised for his incredible stamina, work skills and ability to operate on any type of terrain and for any weather condition. This breed is poorly adapted to apartment living due to its high exercise requirements. This type of Anglo-French hound is considered the most powerful.

Photo: This dog is one of a pack of Grand anglo-français tricolore by Alephalpha, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

History Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound

The origin of the Anglo-French hound dates back to the 19th century, when hunting with large packs was at its height in France. However, the exact date of its development remains unclear, since the crossing of the French hound with various types of English hounds was a common practice in this country since the 16th century.

French hunters cared little for the appearance or pedigree of their dogs as long as they demonstrated unparalleled hunting prowess.. That is why these hounds were perceived more like stray dogs until the 20th century. The situation changed when in 1957 the breeders decided to organize the dogs according to their ancestry. His efforts resulted in the appearance of seven unique French breeds of sizes, coat texture and distinctive colors. The Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound appeared as the result of the crossing of native French dogs, in particular the Poitevin hound and the Gascon Saintongeois and the English Foxhound. The breed is very rare, little used and virtually unknown outside of mainland France.

The word “Grand” it was placed before the breed name because it was used to hunt large game and functioned predominantly in packs of several dozen other canines. The Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound is characterized by its resonant voice, his keen sense of smell and his relentless pursuit. This brave and passionate hunter will never be hampered by difficult terrain and harsh weather and can work for numerous hours without breaks.. The packs of the Anglo-French hounds They generally specialized in hunting roe deer and wild boar., although they could also hunt foxes and other small game animals.

Currently members of the breed are mostly active hunters as this dog is not suitable for the role of pet or show dog.. Its population was concentrated almost exclusively in its native France, where it is also considered a rare breed. But, the Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound has the recognition of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) and in 2006 was officially recognized by the United Kennel Club (the UKC).

Physical Characteristics Great Tricolor Anglo-French Hound

The Great Tricolor Anglo-French Hound should appear elegant and almost old-fashioned in appearance. They must be robust, with a deep chest and a straight back that is supported by straight, muscular limbs. His broad skull has an obvious stop, while its square-shaped snout should contain a full set of teeth that meet in a scissor bite. Her big brown eyes, its pendulous ears and prominent black nose are all characteristic features of a scent hound. Its long, thin tail tends to have a white tip.

as its name suggests, it is a tricolor breed with white fur, fire and black. Its double coat is short and soft. Dogs measure between 60 and 70 cm in height to the cross, generally weigh between 30 and 35 kg. Your walk should be effortless and a pleasure to behold.

Character and skills Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound

The Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound he is a magnificent sporting dog, that is very rarely used only as a pet. It gets used to living in large packs of other canines and requires a spacious yard to unleash its exuberant nature.. Some fans of the breed claim that their well-socialized specimen is fine with children. In any case, this vigorous and strong dog will not make an acceptable playmate for a young child.

The breed often demonstrates unwavering loyalty and affection towards their favorite people, but he stays quite distant from strangers. But, a Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound well educated will treat a new person with essential courtesy. Usually does not express enough interest in protecting its territory to be an effective watchdog. At the same time, some specimens can make good watchdogs. This breed definitely won't make any use of it in the guard dog role anyway due to its non-aggressive disposition..

The Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound was bred to live and work with other dogs and usually yearns to have several permanent canine companions. He does quite well with strange dogs although he will not back down from confrontation if provoked. That is why this dog should always be kept on a leash while walking. Being a tenacious and reliable hunter, it can show high aggression towards other species of animals., especially towards homeless cats. It is possible to introduce this dog into the house with other non-canine pets while it is still a friendly and inquisitive pup.

Health of the Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound

The most common problems for the breed include:

– canine hip dysplasia;
– patella dislocation;
– arthritis;
– frequent muscle tension;
– chronic ear infections;
– hearing problems;
– cryptorchidism;
– gastric torsion.

Caring for the Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound

The Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound should receive fairly basic maintenance. The owner should brush his dog a couple of times a week to keep his short, sleek coat in a healthy condition. The dog's nails should be trimmed monthly.

After every hunting trip, the coat and ears of a working specimen should be thoroughly examined for signs of ticks and other external parasites. The breed easily picks up various ear infections, so they need regular and careful cleaning. The Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound he is a moderate biter.

Training of the Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound

The training of the Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound usually requires an average investment of time and effort. In fact, takes on a very natural hunting behavior and will effectively carry out its original hunting duties with a minimum of training. At the same time, is characterized by a certain streak of stubbornness and will not follow the orders of a week or an indecisive person. This dog usually has a strong desire to impress its owner and easily learns basic commands.

Breed training should be done exclusively with reward-based methods, with an emphasis on the dog's favorite treats. The Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound will not put up with abusive or disrespectful treatment and will respond to it with even more obstinacy and disobedience.

Exercise with the Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound

The Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound is an extremely vigorous working dog, accustomed to very intense physical exercise. When not hunting, he must be given the opportunity to expend his excessive energy. This dog is an infamous cat hunter, so it should never be released without a leash until it is in a closed and secure area.

During the hunting season it is advisable to offer the dog some type of exercise that emulates its hunting behavior.. It is worth remembering that if the Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound lacks opportunities to vent, will gradually turn into a rebellious animal, hyperactive and destructive.

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Pack of Anglo Saxons hunting wounded boar
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Type and recognitions:

  • Group 6: Scent hounds, and related breeds.
  • Section 1.1: Large-sized hound-type dogs.. With proof of work..


  • FCI – Group 6: Scent hounds, and related breeds. – Section 1.1: Large-sized Hounds.
  • UKCScenthounds
  • Central Canine Society

FCI breed standard "Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound"

FCIFCI - Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound

Alternative names:

1. Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore Hound (English).
2. Grand anglo-français tricolore (French).
3. Grand Anglo-Français, Grand anglo-français tricolore (German).
4. Grand anglo-français tricolore (Portuguese).
5. Gran anglo-francés tricolor (español).

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