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The Landseer is a dog of German origin. The most important thing to know of the history of this race is that, is not a Newfoundland, Although some breeders of Newfoundland claim that races are equal. Perhaps one of the most obvious differences in the eyes of them that we are not experts is the color. Then the carácter…, the Landseer He is an active dog until his last days of life, on the other hand the Newfoundland, is quieter.

According to the breed standard of the Landseer, You must give the impression of being a but powerful and well balanced. The legs are relatively longer than the black Newfoundland. The back is straight and strong. The hind legs and shoulders are muscular.

The upper layer must be long and as straight as possible, very dense and soft to the touch. The main color of the layer is white with various patches black in the rump, the neck, backsplash, belly, legs and the tail should be white.

The head should be black with the white snout and symmetric white extends from the snout to the head, ending with the white collar. It has a distinctive shape with a noble facial expression. The ears are medium-sized and eyes should be dark brown. The size of the Landseer will of 67 to 80 cm., and at birth weigh between 500 to 750 grams and at the age of 1 year can be reached despite 50 to 60 kg.

Like all Mastiff type breeds, the Landseer It is also grown very fast during its first year. Therefore one must be careful with the exercise, because if it becomes sedentary can suffer from overweight.

Throughout its development, and even at maturity (that is not until the dog is of 3 or 4 years of age), the Landseer is a very active dog who likes to do all kinds of activities. Swimming, for example, is your favorite activity. So when a Landseer smacks and sees water, already no boundaries, jump to the water.

The Landseer is a very complacent with their master dog. It is active, has good temperament, but it is not a nervous dog. It is a very confident dog, Intelligent, loyal to their own people, fairly mild in nature and, When they are given sufficient exercise outdoors, it attaches very well to home life. In general terms, the majority of Landseer they are very independent and have a mind of its own. The Landseer is very easy to train, much love and patience will be rewarded with a partner for life.

As mentioned above most of the Landseer, they love water and walks, It is therefore necessary to fulfill these wishes to the dog. Being on the water takes it as a job, reason why can take advantage of these time to play to find objects, launch toy water to make it look, It can be one excellent training both for the owner and as for the dog. It is a good diver and with appropriate training, they are able to find objects in the bottom of any Lake. In this regard, It is good to bear in mind that if you want to go swimming with his Landseer you have in mind that, the dog will try to rescue and towed back to land. Therefore, no doubt have to be careful to do this the first time. Basic training is required so that the dog knows when you are playing, and when not. Any other activity with the family is also something that the Landseer always wants to do.

When it comes to behaviour towards other dogs, children and people no problem. Especially the Landseer, they love to children.

It is good to socialize with other dogs puppies, because if he is male, It can be very dominant. But with a proper education, There will be no problem.

The Landseer is a large dog that is always cheerful, active and is an exceptional friend.

Breed of dog Landseer

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Pedro Vazquez Salazar
Pedro Vazquez Salazar

Mexico has breeding Lansdseer, and how much do they cost

Fernando Peralta
Fernando Peralta

I'm looking for a farm Landseer.

Do you recommend any?


I have a bitch I like san bernardo rregalaron but a friend told me that it was landseer I could get out of doubt porfa


Thank you for publkicar this comment and photo

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