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The Sighthound responde a un grupo de perros que conforman una raza cuya constitución física les hace estar muy bien dotados para la carrera, which can reach a high speed. En su mayoría son más altos que largos, they have long, narrow head and ears in pink or semierectas. And detail to highlight mode, poseen un gran sentido de la vista a diferencia de la mayoría de las razas de perro. Se suelen utilizar para la caza mayor en jaurías y para la caza del conejo y la liebre.

En España son también conocidos como Galgos ya que ese es el nombre que recibe el Lebrel Nacional y por extensión todas aquellas razas que poseen características similares, are referred to as Greyhound.

The Federation Cynologique Internationale It classifies the different varieties of the breed hound in Group X, and at the same time, This group is divided in:

  • Section 1: where the dogs are included Long-haired or fringed Sighthounds.
  • Section 2: where the dogs are included Rough-haired Sighthounds.
  • Section 3: where are included Short-haired Sighthounds.

Here we offer each section of the X group, with its respective members, and brief overview that may extend to following the link to each of the races.

Section 1: Long-haired or fringed Sighthounds.

  • Afghan hound: also known as Afghan greyhound, Afghan Hound, Balkh Hound, Baluchi Hound, Barutzy Hound, Shalgar Hound, Kabul Hound o Galanday Hound It is a dog from Afghanistan. Tiene un pelaje característico, very long, fine and silky, It needs continuous care that he entangled, arriving at losing their gloss.
  • Saluki: known as the Royal Egypt dog, It is perhaps the oldest known breed of domesticated dog and the oldest in the venátici, It is believed descended from wolves in the wilderness of Ara. The Bedouins hold them in high esteem and use them for hunting gazelles and as pets..
  • Russian Wolfhound: or Borzoi, It is a breed of dog developed in Russia. Desciende del Galgo Árabe siendo parecido a un perro ovejero ruso. Formerly known as Russian Wolfhound, It was originally bred to hunt wolves and hares. It is graceful, strong and fast.

Section 2: Rough-haired Sighthounds.

  • Irish wolfhound: or Irish Wolfhound is the largest breed of dog that exists; adults reach an average height of between 95 and 100 cm to the cross. Known since the year 395, descienden de los lebreles utilizados por los Celtas de Irlanda para la cacería del lobo, deer, and other large dams.
  • Deerhound: or Deerhound, It is a traditional dog belonging to the Scottish Highlands, It also appears in the old portraits, sleeping at the foot of great lords. When became fashionable with shotgun deer hunting, This race was on the verge of extinction.

Section 3: Short-haired Sighthounds.

  • Spanish greyhound: The Greyhound is a breed of dog indigenous Spain, so it is also known as Spanish Greyhound. Según la Real Academia de la Lengua Española, la palabra deriva del latín Gallĭcus Canis, dog of the Gaul.
  • Lebrel inglés: It is a breed of dog that is used mainly as a companion and competition animal.. Es el ancestro de la mayoría de los lebreles. They are skilled to run, but not to carry out extensive exercise.
  • Whippet: It is a breed of dog of British origin, slender and elegant porte. They are active and playful dogs, similares físicamente al Galgo Inglés. Its popularity has led to the use of the name Whippet en un gran número de cosas, from cars to cookies.
  • Italian Lebrel: or Italian Greyhound is perfectly adapted to small households. However you need to walk. Puede hacer compañía en carreras cortas pero prefiere los paseos a pie y jugar con otros perros (better if they are not great).
  • Azawakh: o African Greyhound is a breed of Greyhound type dog, native to africa. It is also known by other names: Hanshee, Oska, Rawondu, Bareeru, Wulo, Tuareg Sloughi.
  • Sloughi: Arabian Greyhound, Bereber Greyhound o Sloughi Moghrebi es originario del norte de África. It is in Morocco, Algeria, Túnez y Libia. The Sloughi is closely related to the Azawakh.
  • Polish Greyhound: It is a breed of dog lebrel of Polish origin, as its name suggests. It originated in Poland, y entres sus ancestros encontramos algún Lebrel Asiático, a dog type Saluki. Según las teorías vigentes no tienen como ancestro al Lebrel inglés.

And remembering, Digest, not to forget and act: España es el único país de la Unión Europea en el que aún se permite la caza con galgos y los cazadores matan alrededor de 50.000 Greyhounds or Sighthound per year, con inyecciones de lejía, hanging or burned alive, as economic methods of murder.

Dog breeds: Sighthound

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