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Kangal Shepherd Dog
Turquía FCI 331 - Molossoid . Mountain

Pastor de Anatolia

The Kangal Shepherd Dog is quiet, bold, independent, Intelligent, docile.



The Kangal Shepherd Dog it is a large and very strong guard dog that is widespread in Turkey, especially in Anatolia. The Kangal Shepherd Dog It is officially called the Anatolian Shepherd Dog or in Turkish as Coban Köpegi.. The original name is Karabash. But, at the FCI these dogs are known as “Kangal Shepherd Dog“. Because it is the name of an influential noble family from the Turkish province of Shivas, who very early began to breed Karabash professionally.

Dogs called Karabash (Schwarzkopf) they were called now Kangal Shepherd Dog with the name of the family of breeders. El Karabash o Kangal Shepherd Dog is native to the mountainous regions of Turkey. There he guards and protects the flocks of sheep. Does this job completely independently, often separated from people for weeks, and you have to decide on your own authority how to behave with strangers. These large and extremely strong dogs can also defend their flock against bears and wolves. Guarding and protecting property and its people is also one of its tasks.

The frugality and robustness of the breed is legendary, that is maintained even on a poor diet, which often consists only of human agricultural waste. These are archaic animals, that probably arose with the introduction of livestock a few years ago 10.000 years. One Kangal Shepherd Dog can't be fooled, because he has a clear understanding of his role. Typically, he lies down in a high place next to or within his flock to be able to observe everything that is in the surroundings. Her flock, his pastors and his family are sacred to him. So, is faithful and lovingly devoted to them. Suspicion of strangers. So, does not hesitate to attack when interpreting hostile behavior. As a watchdog, has been protecting the herds of cattle and the solitary properties of herders, Anatolian farmers and landowners from time immemorial.

This extremely useful feature, even necessary for the functioning of a life in the wide and lonely country, does not fit into a tight and hectic society of today's Central Europe. There is hardly a piece of land large enough for Kangal Shepherd Dog work. It is used to different standards than in the desert mountains of Anatolia. It also, a watchful race like the Kangal Shepherd Dog is quickly condemned as dangerous and aggressive in today's world. While it only takes one or two generations, larger property owners took pride in their dog being dependable and sharp in an emergency, such a trait is not desirable for today's dog. This is why you can find it almost everywhere on the lists of supposedly dangerous dogs. – and unfortunately too often in animal shelters.

The Kangal Shepherd Dog is an archetype of dog, to which man owes a lot in his development. As a dog breed it has been known, described and even revered for a long time. But, in modern pedigree dog breeding, it was only recognized by the FCI in August 1989.

Physical characteristics

The Kangal Shepherd Dog, is a muscular breed, with a thick, powerful neck, wide head and robust body. His lips are tight in its snout and their ears with triangular and down.

The male measured between 72 – 78 cm. high and the female between 65 – 73 cm. and weigh between 44 and 60 kg.

The the mantle It can be several colors but the most common is “Sesame”, white cream and white with spots of color do not cover more than the 30% your body (type Piebald).

These colors they can be accompanied by a black mask on the face and/or ears. They have a double cloak of eyes hair that needs to be brushed once or twice a month during the warm season due to sweating.

They have a hair very hard on the neck to protect his throat. They seem heavier than you really are, due to his thick neck.

They are large costillares dogs but with small bellies.

Character and skills

The Kangal Shepherd Dog is an independent guardian and protector. The official standard describes his character qualities in this way.:

Balanced and bold, without aggressiveness, independent, very intelligent and leader. Proud and trustworthy. The Kangal Shepherd Dog is affectionate and loyal to his masters, but adult dogs are suspicious of strangers.

Towards other dogs, a Kangal Shepherd Dog is usually dominant and quite incompatible. These traits in a large dog breed, which is very strong and claims a large territory, are hardly compatible with life in today's Germany. It is a great experience to be able to form a close bond with a dog like this.. But, these animals can only develop their excellent qualities of character in their natural environment. Here this great sovereign dog is shown as a loving friend, faithful and affectionate. But, if you do not have the space and financial means to offer in our latitudes an environment appropriate to its nature, it is hardly possible to maintain the species Kangal Shepherd Dog appropriate.

Own Kangal Shepherd Dog is extremely undemanding. Does not need heating, no toys or harnesses on leashes. It is as frugal in its diet as almost no other animal. This also applies to your accommodation.. You can spend the whole year outside without problems, as long as you have a proper enclosure. Here “suitable” does not mean neither kennel nor chain. But, you need a very large area, which can become his kingdom. Here a robust enclosure with a solid steel fence of 2 m, because the Kangal Shepherd Dog wants to be able to move freely in its territory.

One Kangal Shepherd Dog you accept, even independently and self-confidently protects all two-legged and four-legged friends, what counts for your herd or family. So, especially needs a clear boss – absolutely! Towards all others, initially suspicious and even hostile. A close bond and an expert guide are required to walk this dog on a leash., which is always stronger when in doubt. Only in this way can the dog and the owner safely walk past an aggressively barking terrier.. it's possible, but it requires serious upbringing, a good socialization and an experienced owner, sensitive and at the same time without any insecurity.

The Kangal Shepherd Dog is increasingly on the lists of supposedly dangerous dogs and is not, from far, a dog for beginners. That would even be irresponsible. Even from the hand of an experienced connoisseur, external basic conditions are necessary for an attitude appropriate to the nature of the dog. In general, maintenance of this breed is quite difficult.

Care and health

The Kangal Shepherd Dog itself is absolutely easy to clean and undemanding. The coat should be brushed twice a year when the coat is changed.

The Kangal Shepherd Dog of serious upbringing enjoys a very robust health in all aspects.


The Kangal Shepherd Dog does not make any special demands on its nutrition. Probably one of the dogs with less demands in this regard.

Kangal Shepherd Dog's life expectancy

Because of its size, the Kangal Shepherd Dog has a very high life expectancy of 12 and sometimes more years.

For sale Kangal Shepherd Dog

You should only consider purchasing a Kangal Shepherd Dog if you are already an expert in dog breeding. Cubs Kangal Shepherd Dog cost around 1000 EUR.

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Type and recognitions:

  • Group 2: Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid and Swiss Mountain and Cattledogs
  • Section 2: Molossoid - 2.2 Molossoid, mountain type. Without working trial. .


  • FCI – Pinscher and Schnauzer-Molossoid type dogs – Swiss Mountain Dogs and Cattledogs. Section 2.2 Molossoid, mountain type.
  • ​KC – Sheepdogs
  • NZKC – Utility dog
  • UKC – Watchdog

FCI breed standard "Kangal Shepherd Dog"

FCIFCI - Kangal Shepherd Dog

Alternative names:

1. Turkish Kangal, Anatolian Shepherd Dog, Kangal (Anatolian, Anadolu Kangalı, Karabaş, Karayaka) (English).
2. berger d’Anatolie (French).
3. Çoban Köpeği, Türkischer Hirtenhund (German).
4. Anatolian shepherd, Anatolian sheepdog (Portuguese).
5. Çoban Köpeği, Karabaş, Akbaş, Karabash (español).

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  1. Alias, the real name is Karabash and the breed extends from Anatolia to central asia. The British named the Anatolian shepherd breed, without truly knowing the race of nomads that is Karabash.


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