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The Porcelain It is a dog living in the family, is extremely friendly and affectionate.

The Porcelain (Porcelaine) It is a breed of dog of French origin, possibly the most ancient race of Hounds in the country.

His original name is Chien de Franche-Comté, dog of the Franche-Comté, French region bordering Switzerland, which led to a debate on its origin, Although it has been decided his Gallic origin.

Seems to be descendant of the Harrier English, the Swiss Laufhounds and the now-extinct Montaimboeuf.

There are records of the breed, France from 1880, previously disappeared after the French Revolution, It has been later rebuilt, Thanks to the dedicated work of Swiss breeders, mainly.

Physical characteristics

It's a dog very striking within the French dogs, its own structure gives us the pattern that is the great race.

As shown in the canine group for which they are registered by the Federation Cynologique Internationale, is a Hound of median sizea. Males have one height the cross of 56 a 58,5 cm and the females of between 53,5 and 56 cm., weighing between 25 and 28 kg.

Porcelain videos

Porcelaine puppiesPorcelaine puppies

The name Porcelain He was born in allusion to his bright clothes, It seems made of porcelain. Its skin is white, sometimes with orange spots, most common in ears.

The eyes are dark and have a loving gaze and intelligent. The ears they are fine and well retracted, they often end in a tip and reach the end of the snout.

The nose is black with large nasal Windows, It has black eyes and ears that fall, similar to the Labrador.

The neck It is long and the tail starts thick and just fine, It is quite long and the dog carries slightly curved.

The hair thick fine is glossy and satin, There must not be any part of the body hairless.

The color the fur is white. You can submit Orange stains of rounded shape that we extend never forming a mantle, these spots appear many times overlapping other dark spots on the skin.

Porcelain: Standard FCI

HEAD: It must be very typical of the breed, thin and delicately sculpted. As a whole is rather long.


  • Skull: It is wide at its height, between the ears; the occipital Protuberance is rounded. The forehead is flat; the median furrow must be marked, but without exaggeration.
  • Depression links (Stop): Marked, but without excess.


  • Truffle: Well developed and very black. The Windows are wide open.
  • Snout: Long appropriate, Neither square nor pointed. The nasal helm is straight, but its end is slightly arched.
  • Lips: The upper lip covers the lower lip without being heavy or pendant. The mucosa of the lips is black.

  • Eyes: Normally developed, They must be looking dark and well protected under the cigomatica arch. The look is intelligent and sweet.
  • Ears: They are thin and well bent. They end up more on tip and reaches to the end of the snout. Its narrow inclusion should not be on the line of the eye.

NECK: It is quite long and lightweight. It may be some dewlap which must be thin and tight appearance.


  • Cross: Well outgoing.
  • Back: Wide and straight.
  • Pork loin: Width, well muscled, well together as a whole and not too long.
  • Rump: Somewhat oblique. The tips of the legs are wide apart and slightly protruding.
  • Breast : Amplitude medium, also rather deep. The ribs, in accordance with the chest, they are rather elongated, without being flat.
  • Flanks: Something raised, but full.

TAIL: It is well attached to the body. It is quite thick at the root and pointed at the end. Is never thin and medium length (without presenting to tip around the tail long and thick hairs slightly distant in the form of stem). It is carried slightly stooped.


PREVIOUS MEMBERS: They are quite long and thin, Although not too thin; tendons are well connected; the limbs are regular.

Shoulder: Shoulders of Jockey, long, well muscled and well inclined, though not too thick.


  • Thighs: Well descended, well apparent and thin muscles, moderately developed.
  • Hock: Fort and close to the ground. Usually angled.

FEET: Typically for a French dog rather elongated fingers, thin but well together; hard and resistant pads.

MOVEMENT: Executed with vitality and agility; easy and indefatigable Gallop.

SKIN: Thin and elastic. She is grainy with numerous black spots.


HAIR: Satin, fine, tight and shiny; spotless alopecia.

COLOR: Very white, stained rounded Orange never extends in the form of blanket. These spots are usually overlapping other black spots of pigmentation of the skin. Splash Orange ears are characteristic of this breed.

SIZE: You can vary: for males between 55 and 58 cm., for females between 53 and 56 cm..

FAULTS: Any deviation from the above criteria is considered missing and the seriousness is considered the degree of deviation to the standard and its impact on the health and welfare of the dog.


  • Cowardice, aggression toward owner.
  • Lack of type.
  • In general all the defects that prevent the use of the dog, such as rickets, defective limbs in excess, insufficient movement range and push.
  • Eyes and nose color clear, excess of depigmented spots.
  • Tail iguanas.
  • Coarse or thick hair.
  • Presence of an orange blanket.
  • A very raised orange spots, pulling to mahogany, grey or mixed with black hairs. The light orange color, but pale and the same lack of spots are not desirable, but they can not be considered eliminatory faults.
  • Size that exceed or that does not reach the above measures. However, You can make an exception with a male that does not exceed a maximum 60 cm., therefore to present excellent general features and it can be used as a player.
  • Any dog showing clear signs of physical abnormalities or behavior should be disqualified.

N.B.: Los machos deben tener dos apariencia testiculos normal completamente descendidos en el escroto.

Character and skills

The porcelain is a hound, i.e. dogs in search of prey and its characteristics is valid for any kind of wild animal.

It has a strong character, energetic, very willful and obstinate when he is hunting. However, When it is at rest is a very be quiet.

If you live within the family, is extremely friendly and loving. He is patient and well tolerated in children.

They have a very high level of activity, so you need plenty of exercise, reason why is not recommended for sedentary people.

Although they are fierce hunters, they are gentle and relatively easy to educate.

The porcelain images

  • Otros nombres: Porcelaine / Chien de Franche-Comté / Porcelainů.
  • Group 6 / Section 1.2 – Medium-sized hounds.

Dogs breeds: Porcelain

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