Jura Hound (Bruno Jura Hound)
SuizaFCI 59 . Medium-sized Hounds

Sabueso del Jura

The Jura Hound It is very distant with strangers and needs firm handling if kept as pets.



In the year of 1882 set a standard for each of the five existing varieties of the Swiss Hound. In 1909 reviewed these standards confirming the total disappearance of the Thurgau Hound.
The 22 in January of 1933 established a uniform standard for the 4 varieties of the Swiss Hound. The original range of the Jura hound type St. Hubert has now disappeared.

The Jura Hound It is a domestic dog developed in the middle ages for hunting in the Jura mountains, on the border between Switzerland and France.

Ya en la época de los romanos se conocía a estos sabuesos en Suiza.

The Jura Hound He is known for his tracking abilities and like other hounds he has the ability to follow a perfume for miles through the rocky terrain of the border mountains between France and Switzerland.. It is mainly used for the hunting of the Hare.

There are four varieties of Swiss Hound:

La mayoría de los clubs y organizaciones caninas tratan a estas razas como una raza única con múltiples variedades.

Physical characteristics

These dogs have a large skull, so their heads seem to be much larger than its small robust bodies. Their ears are flexible and hang down around their muzzle and eyes, giving it a warm and friendly appearance. Your body has some wrinkles around the chest and neck area. Their bodies are elongated and thin and long tail. They are usually a color dark bronze or a reddish Fawn.

Its size is similar to the Bernese Hound, but it differs in the width of your head, being associated with the St. Hubert Hound.

Their life expectancy is of 12 a 13 years, and can weigh between 15 and 20 kg, with a height of 43 a 58 cm. up the cross.

Character and skills

These dogs can be known as little adventurers. They like to explore new and interesting terrain in which have never been before. Son, final ideal for anyone that loves to go on walks and exercise, Since in that environment be shown fully happy. As good Hound, anything, even if it is in its territory.

Se utiliza principalmente para la caza de la liebre y jabalíes.

They are very protectors and they lash out against anyone trying to do harm to their owners. They are very distant with strangers and need firm handling if kept as pets.

Well trained is a loving, friendly dog with children.

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Type and recognitions:

  • Group 6: Scent hounds, and related breeds.
  • Section 1.2: Medium-sized hound-type dogs.. With proof of work..


  • FCI – Group 6: Scent hounds, and related breeds. – Section 1.2: Medium-sized Hounds.
  • UKCScenthounds

FCI breed standard "Jura Hound (Bruno Jura Hound)"

FCIFCI - Jura Hound (Bruno Jura Hound)

Varieties of “Swiss hounds”

The four varieties of Swiss hounds tienen sus propias características de caza específicas:

– The Bernese Hound, with her beautiful throat (“the howler of the Jura”), demanding, mainly used for hares;
– The Jura Hound, an excellent recuperator
– The Lucerne Hound, reminiscent of Small Blue Gascony, he is an active and passionate dog that hunts deer very well;
– The Schwyz Hound, less widespread outside of Switzerland, is reserved for rabbits and hares.

Alternative names:

    1. Bruno Jura Hound (English).
    2. Bruno du Jura (French).
    3. (frz. Bruno du Jura) (German).
    4. Sabujo Bruno de Jura (Portuguese).
    5. Fernando del Jura, Bruno del Jura (español).
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