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Posted by tiadoc | 9 August 2011

- Francia FCI 101

Bulldog Francés

The French Bulldog It is protective and playful but it is not ideal for hiking.
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The French Bulldog It is a small breed of dog originating in England, established as such by the end of the 19th century. However, Despite its name, America and Great Britain have played important roles in the development of this breed. These dogs tend to be dubbed “Clowns” or “Dogs frog”.

The French Bulldog is considered a molossus small size. The French Bulldog origins to the Decade of 1850. Its beginnings are in England, with the English Bulldog, its closest relative, descendant of the Mastiff type breeds. As the Doges, its origin goes back to the molossians in the region of Epirus in Greece and the Roman Empire. He was also nicknamed the “perfect dog”.

It is likely that the French Bulldog is the result of various crossings between the Toy Bulldog coming from Britain and various local dogs. Descendant of the French Doge and the English Bulldog (much heavier), It is result of successive crosses breeders of the working-class neighbourhoods of Paris were made at the end of the 19th century in order to get a quick race, athletic and good at fighting dogs.

His grace and his character quickly captivated the high society, something which boosted his popularity greatly. Crossings were made by the lovers of the breed in the working-class neighbourhoods of Paris in the years 1880. Initially, the French Bulldog was a dog of the people, with the masters to the butchers and Coachmen, but then he was able to conquer high society and the art world, due to its original appearance and its unique character, spreading rapidly.

Physical characteristics

For a French Bulldog in good condition, the weight must not be less of 8 kg, or more of 14 kg, the size is in proportion to the weight.

Is molosser type, of small stature, short hair, muscular, strong and compact. Powerful for their size, short, compact all out of proportion, ordinary hair, short side, flat nose, erect ears and naturally short tail. You must have active animal aspect, Intelligent, very muscular, compact structure and solid bone structure. Small tail, thick at the beginning and knotted at the end.

Another feature is the “bat ears”. It is the breed of dog more ear shows when looking at the front.
The head should be strong, broad and square. The skin forms creases and almost symmetrical wrinkles. It is characterized by a contraction of the maxillo-facial complex: the skull has won in width, What has been lost long.

FCI French Bulldog
Character and skills

This dog is ideal for a small floor; need exercise during each 55 minutes a day. It is not an ideal dog for hiking but it is a good pet, very playful, active and defender of the owner. It is a very homemade dog, She loves to be at home in the company of owners. Friendly, excellent with children (very protective of them, especially the females), compatible with other pets.

This breed rarely ladra, When need you or to draw attention to, When you need something or when it is disturbed. It is a good guardian It ladrará when you feel a noise; It Protector with the home and their owners, and will always be alert.

Due to its adaptability, tranquility and is little barking, the French Bulldog is an ideal race for life in an apartment. But they adapt well to the houses. Prefers cold climates since they are very sensitive to high temperatures.
It is advisable to avoid exposing him to the strong heat and be careful with the overweight, that could cause respiratory problems.

French Bulldog pictures
  • Otros nombres: Buldogue Francais / Französische bulldogge / French buldog
  • Group 9 / Section 11 – Molosoides small
  • Varieties: to) Bringe – b) White and bringe

Dogs breeds: French Bulldog

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  1. Lorraine Amaya white says:

    Hello good afternoon, I would be interested in buying a bulldog French that is healthy and handsome and I would like to recommend me a breeding ground for confidence, Thank you

  2. tiadoc says:

    Hello Lorena. Here you have the list of Breeders of French Bulldog (With Club recognized by Royal Canine society of Spain)

    It is best that you seek some in your area, either directly get in touch with the Spanish Association for the promotion of the French Bulldog breed. The link to the website of the Association is contained in the entry in the list of breeders.

    Waiting for the info they have served you, I say goodbye! Ciao.

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