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Todl`s Parakeet (sub)
Pyrrhura picta caeruleiceps

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Cotorrita de Perijá


Perija Parakeet. Copyright ProAves Colombia.


21-23 cm.. height.

The Todl`s Parakeet (Pyrrhura picta caeruleiceps) It is generally green with the forehead and areas around the eyes, dark red.

In flight the dark red stain is very evident abdomen. Wings below greyish. The crown and nape they are blue; the front and sides of the strip head, red and scaly appearance of the chest with wider margins. This subspecies is included within the species Pyrrhura picta.

Cotorrita de Perijá


    Historically, classification of Pyrrhura picta caeruleiceps (Todd 1947) He has been subject to opinions found. While some authors recognize this taxon at the species level, others consider it a subspecies of Pyrrhura subandina (Todd 1947) or Pyrrhura picta (Meyer de Schauensee 1949), the latter being the most widely followed classification (Hilty & Brown 1986, pit et to the. 1997, Rodríguez & Hernandez-Camacho 2002). Based on analysis of morphological characters, Joseph (2000) and Joseph & Stockwell (2002) suggested that P. caeruleiceps should be considered as a distinct phylogenetic species and that the taxon Pyrrhura pantchenkoi (Phelps 1977), described from two specimens with worn plumage, is its synonym. Hilty (2003) He continued this treatment, but the classification committee Bird South America of the American Ornithologists’ Union recently it considered that existing information was insufficient to support this taxonomic change according to the biological species concept and kept provisionally caeruleiceps like a subspecies of painted parakeet (Remsen et al. 2010).
    Source: Rediscovery and notes on the ecology and vocalizations of Todd’s Parakeet (Pyrrhura picta caeruleiceps) in northeastern Colombia


They inhabit in humid jungle, semi-humid and low cloud forests.
Nest sizable trees in abandoned nests of other species.


The enigmatic and little known Todl`s Parakeet (Pyrrhura picta caeruleiceps) It has a very restricted range in the rainforest, mainly between 500 and 900 Attitude meters along the border between Colombia and Venezuela, as well as patches of tropical forest in the foothills of the Serrania del Perija.

Its Freedom population It is believed to be about 30 to 50 individuals.


State of conservation ⓘ

Endangered Endangered (UICN)ⓘ

The forest loss and fragmentation are the main threats facing this bird, but the species is also trapped and kept in cages as a pet. According to the categories of UICN It is considered In danger (IN), mainly due to the habitat destruction.

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Especies del género Pyrrhura


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