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Francia FCI 20 . Medium-sized Hounds

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Sabueso del Ariège

The Ariégeois He is a smart dog that accepts well orders



The Ariégeois It is a dog of French origin, a native of the city of Ariege What, bordering Spain.

The Ariégeois It was recorded, obtaining the original valid standard, the twenty-fourth day of January of 1996 (Classification: Group 6 – Section 1.2).

Several theories agree that it was born from the cross between a bloodhound type dog with a lighter complexion in the country (We cannot say exactly what), a Old Pays Briquet and Great Gascony Blue or a Gascon Saintongeois.

The truth is that this cross maintained the typical physical characteristics of these last two dogs., but you can highlight a more docile nature, along with the size and lighter weight.

physical characteristics of the “Ariégeois”

The Ariégeois, is a dog used for small game. Medium-size and light weight make it a wonder, either alone or in groups, can easily grow and develop on difficult terrain, It is a dog that tolerate heat well.

His favorite is the hunting of the Hare, but it is also used –sometimes- for hunting deer or wild boar.

The skin of the Ariégeois it's fine, soft, not attached to the body, but do not allow the presence of Chin, folds or wrinkles. Mucous membranes (areas without hair) are black.

The fur is short, fine and bright, It is white with black markings well defined and painted, sometimes. Cheeks has color fire. The height at the cross in the males is of 52 to 58 cm and the females of 50 to 56 cm..

The half-life of this dog is of 12 to 13 years.

Character and skills “Ariégeois”

Due to its origins (hunting dog), tends to be a very independent animal harboring a great deal of initiative and an entrepreneurial spirit second to none. This means that, If not train them for little ones and as it is due, in adulthood..., We will be able break us throat calling it. It is a dog that turned on easy, He is intelligent and well accepted orders, but we should be able to provide them with love and determination.

The Ariégeois is a quiet dog, sometimes difficult (if he gets bored or is not well taught...), but is very intelligent, and it adapts easily to home life, post since a some time sees it most often as a pet.

It is loving and patient with children, also it is sociable with other dogs. But its main purpose is to hunt, and that's where he will bring out his talent and beauty, and where its bark is very valuable for partridges, quail and small varmints.

education of the “Ariégeois”

The Ariégeois not a particularly difficult dog to train. Docile and smart, he likes to please his teacher and will act with great enthusiasm. On the other hand, your sensitivity means that your training should not be too firm. The Ariégeois possesses strong learning potential. Therefore, your education is pretty simple as long as you start early and right. as with all dogs, it is necessary to train him delicately, sweetness and firmness. timid temperament, it is advisable to socialize it very young with humans so that it does not develop any fear.

Health of the “Ariégeois”

The Ariégeois has no particular health problems. Above all, you do not develop any inherited diseases during your life. However, due to his droopy ears, may be prone to some ear infections. Therefore, it is advisable to check your ears regularly and clean them. For this, the vet will know how to proceed.

care of “Ariégeois”

It's easy to keep a Ariégeois. Often only requires regular brushing (weekly) to remove dead hairs. However, as it is a dog that likes the outdoors and usually spends time outdoors, must be examined upon return from each departure. Your pads should be cleaned and your coat checked to ensure no parasites have attached.. It also, their eyes and ears should be washed.

It is recommended to brush the dog weekly to keep his coat and skin clean. Special attention should be paid to your ears to avoid debris and possible infections.

Images “Ariégeois”

videos of the “Ariégeois”

Type and recognitions:

  • Group 6: Scent hounds, and related breeds.
  • Section 1.2: Medium-sized hound-type dogs.. With proof of work..


  • FCI – Group 6: Scent hounds, and related breeds. – Section 1.2: Medium-sized Hounds.
  • UKCScenthounds
  • Central Canine Society

FCI breed standard "Ariégeois"

FCIFCI - Ariégeois

Alternative names:

    1. Ariégeois, Ariege Hound (English).
    2. Ariégeois, Braque de l’Ariège (French).
    3. Ariégeois, Ariège Laufhund (German).
    4. Cão do Ariége, Ariegeois (Portuguese).
    5. Ariégeois, Braque du Midi (español).
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