Serbian tricolour hound
Serbia FCI 229 . Medium-sized Hounds

Sabueso tricolor serbio

The Serbian tricolour hound It is rare even in their country of origin and it is almost impossible to see outside.



The Serbian tricolour hound (Srpski Trobojni Gonič or Trobojac) It is considered one of the rarest species that exist. This breed is one of the three types of dogs developed in the former Yugoslavia. Before the disintegration of Yugoslavia, the breed was known as the “Yugoslavian Tricolour Hound”, changing its name in 1991 After the dissolution of Yugoslavia.

In 1946 whether this breed was independent or just a variety of the “Serbian hound“; finally given separate breed status and a first standard set. This breed was presented at the International Dog Show in Belgrade on 7 and 8 in June of 1950. The Serbian tricolour hound was recognized as a breed by the FCI the 25 in July of 1961 and the standard was published.

From the beginning, these dogs have been used as hunting companions. They are ruthless hunters of small game like foxes and rabbits. Due to his strength and fearless nature, they are also used to hunt wild boar, wild boars and other big game animals. Unlike other Hounds that hunt on a leash, this breed can run freely and search for prey on its own. This independent hunter will never kneel in front of difficult terrain. In search of prey, uses your excellent sense of smell, and with a penetrating voice will inform the hunter when he finds it.

Unfortunately, this persistent and tireless hunter is not known among hunting enthusiasts in other countries, so this rare breed is relatively unknown in other parts of the world.

Physical characteristics “Serbian tricolour hound”

The three Yugoslav dog breeds evolved from the dogs of Phoenician merchants and have almost identical characteristics, which is why they are often mistakenly identified as the same race. What distinguishes the Serbian tricolour hound of the other two races is the white mark on the chest, which emphasizes the striking print of dark red hair in the background and a black cloak.

The coat of the Serbian tricolour hound it is waterproof, short and bright. Slightly thick with a well developed undercoat, spreads well throughout the body. Both in the area of ​​the rear thigh and in the lower part of the tail the coat is slightly elongated.

The coat of the Serbian tricolour hound has a deep red or fox red background color, of which a saddle or black fur stands out. The black partly reaches the head of the dog and forms two dark marks on the temples. White forms a full or partial collar under or around the neck.

On the dog's head white is pronounced like a cutout. On the muzzle it can also be seen as a spread fire. If the dog has a white mark on its chest, this is permissible, although it extends to the end of the sternum and reaches both the belly and the interior of the hind limbs.

The tip of the tail can also be completely white. However, total white coat should be less than one third of total body. The Serbian tricolour hound also has medium length ears, high, found near the cheeks.

The height the male will of 45 - 55 cm and in the female of 44 - 54 cm., the weight of Serbian tricolour hound will of 20 - 25 kg.

The life expectancy of the Serbian tricolour hound, round the 12 years.

Character and skills “Serbian tricolour hound”

The breed is characterized by an intense temperament, always reliable and very loyal in his relationship with his pack. However, the Serbian tricolour hound also has a very friendly nature. On the one hand, dogs are suitable as watchdogs. On the other hand, can be used for dressage.

The Serbian tricolour hound is very hard-working and is optimally equipped to work even on difficult terrain. Due to its attentive and excellent eyes and its high performance, is an ideal hunting dog.

At home he behaves warmly and calmly. However, as soon as it is in working mode, is extremely energetic and very persistent.

If you get a Serbian tricolour hound, you will get a breed that will be a friendly and obedient companion dog. He always tries to please his owner. However, the prerequisite for this is that it is sufficiently busy when not used for hunting.

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Type and recognitions:

  • Group 6: Scent hounds, and related breeds.
  • Section 1.2: Medium-sized hound-type dogs.. With proof of work..


  • FCI – Group 6: Scent hounds, and related breeds. – Section 1.2: Medium-sized Hounds.
  • AKCHound

FCI breed standard "Serbian tricolour hound"

FCIFCI - Serbian tricolour hound

Alternative names:

    1. Serbian: (српски тробојни гонич, srpski trobojni gonič or тробојац, trobojac) Yugoslavian Tricolour Hound (English).
    2. Chien courant yougoslave tricolore (French).
    3. Original name: (Jugoslavenski Trobojni Gonic), Trikolor Laufhund, Dreifarbiger Jugoslawischer Laufhund (German).
    4. in Serbian: (srpski trobojni gonic) (Portuguese).
    5. En servio: srpski trobojni gonič o trobojac, Sabueso yugoslavo tricolor (Spanish).

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