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Slovakian Hound
Eslovaquia FCI 244 - Medium-sized Hounds

Slovakian Hound

The Slovakian Hound stands out for its extraordinary sense of direction, which is considered the best among the canine breeds.



It has remote and completely unknown origins.: its official recognition dates back to after World War II, but the breed already existed for centuries.

While there are no historical records, the Slovenský Kopov is widely believed to have existed in central Europe for many hundreds of years and to have descended from other local breeds, including the Austrian Black and Tan Hound and the Polish Hound.

Not widely kept for any purpose other than hunting, the Slovakian Hound He has honed his hunting skills over the centuries and is respected within Slovakia for his tracking ability and endurance. Despite its proven track record in the field, rarely seen internationally. curiously, when seen internationally, sometimes it is called “Black Forest Dog”, a completely wrong name, since the Slovakian Hound it's not now, and has never been, native to the Black Forest region.

Like many other breeds of dogs of the time, the population of the Slovakian Hound decreased dramatically during the period of the World Wars. It is attributed to a Slovak named Koloman Snail having brought the race from the brink of extinction at this time, by establishing successful breeding programs nationwide.

Officially accepted as a breed in the decade of 1870, the first club of the breed Slovakian Hound was recently formed in 1988, in the capital of Bratislava. The Slovakian Hound it is so popular in its birthplace that it has been named the national breed of Slovakia.

Photo: Slovakian Hound during dog’s show in Racibórz,Poland by Pleple2000, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Physical characteristics

Always black with fire marks, the Slovakian Hound have solid bones despite their fairly slight stature. The body is in the shape of an elongated rectangle. His eyes reflect vivacity and courage. They are dark and almond-shaped. The ears are of medium length, rounded at the tip and falls flat against the head. This dog is notable for its constancy in following a cool trail or trail for hours, giving the voice without hesitation. They are also distinguished by their bite, so they are used in their native country to hunt wild boars and other carnivores.

He is endowed with a lively temperament. Your sense of direction is extraordinarily well developed.

Hair is 2-5 cm long, medium thick, well lying, dense. Longer in the back, neck and tail. The undercoat is dense, especially during the winter months; However, it should not be absent in summer either.


Males 45-50 cm.

females 40-45 cm.

Weight: 15-20 kg

Character and skills

This determined hunter must be tenacious when on the road and courageous when facing the animals he hunts., like the boar and the deer. They have excellent olfactory abilities and will painstakingly trace a scent back to the source. An independent animal that is happy to work with a minimum of human interaction, the Slovakian Hound need little direction. Despite this, they are obedient, and they will happily follow their master's plans when necessary.

The Slovakian Hound it's a good watchdog, as he is continuously alert and observant. This, along with the fact that they become devoted to their owners, means they are often protective, and can be used successfully as watchdogs, becoming potentially aggressive if the situation calls for it. Barking can be a problem and is a common complaint of many owners.. Excessive barking can be prevented by ensuring that the Slovakian Hound you are not under-exercised and have plenty of activities and jobs to fill your day.


The Slovakian Hound it is a very resistant dog. In the country of origin the owner has a dog, rarely from, who does not live in a kennel but in contact with the master from morning to night, often used as a general purpose dog, taking care of the house as well as the cattle, and of course hunting. It is adapted to outdoor life and has an iron constitution.

Care and maintenance

The Slovakian Hound it is a very resistant dog, no particular grooming problems. Short hair, when he comes back from hunting he will be the happiest in the world if you give him the necessary brushstroke for a superficial cleaning at the level of the spikes, caught between the pads, ticks possibly not yet attached.

He will quickly get used to coming to you for this cleaning because he is looking for contact with his master.


It's a farm dog, the quintessential farm dog. Bad guys just do that. The good ones are able to give the voice, to take the lead by yelling or barking directly at any stranger before coming into view. A good Slovakian Hound should give voice instantly. Not after ten minutes (although, depending on the conditions…). The smell of Slovakian Hound it's excellent, as fine as that of the best Hounds, but his hunting style leads him to voice only in the moment, and of course staring.

The Slovakian Hound is a search engine, a hunting finder. Hunting instinct is among the best hounds, really very developed, off the beaten path as in some Warren hound and some representatives of primitive races.

Farm dog, you don't need to see the animal, the wild boar to bark after, like some pointing dogs that only bark at sight, or to the noise. With experience, depending on origins, will start barking after turning around to make sure the animal is ten meters away, or more. Once you have fired the bark it will zoom in pretty quickly, but always with care, always staying safe. The Slovakian Hound is not a brave and daring specialist like some races of German Hunting Terrier or pointing dogs, who are inevitably injured frequently. With the, used in its specificity, theoretically, no need for a boar vest, because he knows how to handle attacks. Some are never hurt, if used properly, alone or as a couple.

The Slovakian Hound is a dog that is easy to start with the boar. Because it's in their nature, to bark, and the only animal that does not automatically flee but goes to meet is the wild boar. If you are accustomed to hunting on hunts where wild boar are rare but deer are numerous, you will enjoy easily guiding your animals for half an hour or more, but as soon as he perceives that there is a wild boar in the area, will leave this animal too elusive to go and do what it was designed to do.

A good Slovakian Hound, alone or as a couple, it is rarely caught by a wild boar. Otherwise, in dog teams he becomes a vulnerable dog like any other because his passion is terrible, and there, better equip it with a vest…

Characteristics "Slovakian Hound"

Coexistence is important that you have with your new friend. Before considering the acquisition of a dog of the breed "Slovakian Hound" you know certain factors. Not all breeds of dogs are apt to live in an apartment, you must take into account his character, their need for exercise, their interaction with other pets, their care and if you have small children, their level of tolerance towards them.

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Home ⓘ

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Toilet ⓘ

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Friendly with strangers ⓘ

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Health ⓘ

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joy ⓘ

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Images "Slovakian Hound"


1 – SLOVENSKÝ KOPOV Rantafejs Cezary Av Fileddy MyDOG, Nordens största hundevenemang: www.mydog.se by Svenska Mässan from Sweden, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
2 – A female Slovakian Hound. by Canarian, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
3 – Slovakian Hound during dog’s show in Racibórz,Poland by Pleple2000, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
4 – Slovakian Hound during dog’s show in Racibórz,Poland by Pleple2000, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
5 – Slovakian Hound during dogs show in Katowice, Poland by Lilly M, CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons
6 – Chien courant slovaque sur fond blanc by Desaix83, based on the work of Canarian, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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Type and recognitions:

  • Group 6: Scent hounds, and related breeds.
  • Section 1.2: Medium-sized hound-type dogs.. With proof of work..


  • FCI – Group 6: Scent hounds, and related breeds. – Section 1.2: Medium-sized Hounds.
  • UKCScenthounds

FCI breed standard "Slovakian Hound"

FCIFCI - Slovakian Hound

Alternative names:

1. Black Forest Hound, Slovak Hound (English).
2. (slovenský kopov en slovaque) (French).
3. Slowakische Schwarzwildbracke (German).
4. Cão da floresta (Portuguese).
5. Cazador eslovaco (español).

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