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German Hound
Germany FCI 299 . Small-sized Hounds

German Hound

The German Hound it is a fairly common dog in its country but very rare outside its borders.



The first written traces of the German Hound date from the 18th century. Los criadores alemanes querían crear un perro de caza versátil, pero es muy difícil definir con precisión la ascendencia de la raza. However, the German Hound was originally a descendant of Beagle, English Pointer and English Foxhound. Other breeds like greyhounds, the hounds, the “Westphalian Dachsbracke“, the “Holzbracke de Sauerland tricolor” (pequeño sabueso para la cacería en el bosque) and “Steinbracken” locals may have contributed to the breed.

Multipurpose hunting and hounds were booming in Germany at the time, after the dismantling of large hunting grounds and the abandonment of traditional hound hunting methods in favor of stalking and stalking.

Over the years, the German Hound ha llegado a ser conocido por un gran número de variantes regionales con diferentes nombres. The Deutscher Bracken Club was founded in Olpe (North Rhine-Westphalia) in 1896 y abarcaba todas las variedades del noroeste del país. In 1900, were finally grouped into a single race called “Deutsche Bracke” (German Hound).

However, was not up 1964 that was recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). The standard currently in force dates from 1987.

Sometimes known as the “Braque d’Olpe” (the city where one of the variants of the breed was found and where the Deutscher Bracken Club), the German Hound still a very popular hunting dog in his native region, and even in the rest of Germany. However, its distribution outside of Germany remains highly confidential.

That does not prevent it from being recognized by the American Kennel Club (A.K.C.) and the United Kennel Club (U.K.C.) in the United States, así como por el Kennel Club (K.C.) From great britain.

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Physical characteristics

The German Hound it is a light hunting dog, tall and elegant that, However, it is of solid construction. The head is noble and rather light, con orejas colgantes de tamaño medio y una cola bien llevada pero relativamente gruesa en relación con la línea del cuerpo. The abdomen is slightly folded.

The teething of the German Hound is particularly strong and regular, with powerful pointed incisors. The eyes, that are moderately large, they are clear and bright. The head, dry and moderately long, and relatively strong neck (compared to the head) follow each other to achieve a slightly arched top.

The coat is long, very dense and hard, and even covers the belly. It is tricolor: red or fawn, black and white. The saddle and / or coat must be black and well defined. Las marcas blancas características de la raza son una lista continua en el hocico, the neck (a totally white collar is particularly appreciated), chest and limbs. The tip of the tail is also white.

Character and skills

The German Hound es un perro de tamaño medio que emana una gran alegría de vivir. Attached and endowed with a stable character, is happy when put to work and has plenty of outdoor space. Poder vivir en completa libertad en un gran jardín vallado es esencial si su amo está regularmente fuera, since he likes to live outdoors and exercise. In fact, necesita desahogarse al menos dos horas al día para estar equilibrado. Si no permite que su compañero use su energía, the master has every chance of ending up with a stressed dog, overexcited, aggressive or even destructive.

German Hound

It also, even if you have enough opportunities to exercise, the risk of the dog escaping is high with the German Hound, who especially appreciates sneaking out of his house as soon as he gets the chance, whether to explore new environments or follow tempting smells.

The German Hound not at all a suitable breed of dog for apartment living. Y a menos que tengas un jardín muy grande – and even then… – it is also not a suitable breed of dog for an elderly or sedentary person. You need an active owner, even sporty, to provide you with the exercise and outings you need.

Nice to live, puede ser tanto un perro de compañía como de caza, since it is able to adapt to many situations. However, aunque les encanta vagar por cada rincón del jardín, his great passion is still hunting, in which they excel thanks to their particularly developed sense of smell. The German Hound it is above all a tough tracking dog that needs to work hard and work hard. They excel in the pursuit of uninjured game and in the pursuit of wounded prey.

Due to his cautious behavior in front of strangers and his ability to be attentive and alert in any situation, also can, occasionally and as long as it does not last too long (your joviality is likely to regain control), occasionally assume the role of watchdog.

However, whatever your activity at that time, can be easily distracted from your mission by a pleasant smell, en cuyo caso se hace difícil atraer su atención de nuevo.

These hunting dogs are passionate about stalking their prey, but they are also very sensitive. They are very close to their family and are very loyal to them. Therefore, should be handled with care and never intimidated, although sometimes they are on guard. Particularly loyal, faithful and sociable, the German Hound proves to be the ideal companion for the whole family, and gets along so well with adults – whose authority and leadership you seek – as with small children, who likes to have fun with. However, should not be left alone with young children, ya que su abrumadora energía podría empujarlos sin querer, knock them down or knock them unconscious.

Although the German Hound is generally friendly and balanced, meeting other dogs can be a problem in some cases. Although the German Hound se ha acostumbrado durante mucho tiempo a vivir con otros perros debido a su largo uso en la caza en jauría, algunos perros todavía tienden a ser dominantes, especially when it comes to unfamiliar animals. For this reason, any outing synonymous with a possible dog encounter involves keeping your partner on a leash.

Regarding cohabitation with other pets, especially a cat, también puede ser difícil. In fact, unless you got used to it too soon, that is to say, created together, tends to regard other animals as potential prey. In other words, not really a recommended dog breed with a cat…

Finally, the German Hound is a noisy dog ​​whose voice extends far. Esta es una característica común a todos los perros de caza, since they must communicate with their master at a distance. Pero esto podría no ser del gusto de los vecinos, que podrían quejarse de los ladridos intempestivos del perro. It is important to pay attention to this point when training the puppy, to prevent his barking from becoming a problem once he is an adult.

Education “German Hound”

Although it is soft, stable and very nice, the German Hound not an easy dog ​​breed to train and obedient. Therefore, requires a strong and early education, but of course without any brutality, ya que esto sólo podría ser contraproducente. To get the best of your partner, it is necessary to combine sweetness and firmness, and put special emphasis on the socialization of the dog.

Last, if it is to be used as a hunting dog, learning how to call your dog back is obviously of particular importance.

In any case, training sessions should be short and interesting enough, since the German Hound it can be annoying, especially if tempting smells distract your attention.

For all these reasons, should be reserved for experienced teachers: not a suitable breed as a first dog.

Health “German Hound”

The German Hound it is a fairly robust and resistant dog.

However, you are particularly at risk of hip dysplasia, así como al riesgo de inversión del estómago (dilation-torsion).

Whatever the cause, a possible operation should be done with greater vigilance as this dog is very sensitive to anesthesia.

It also, como en cualquier raza de perro con orejas caídas, se debe prestar especial atención al riesgo de infecciones de oído en el perro.

It also, la ausencia de descenso de uno o incluso ambos testículos en el escroto (dog cryptorchidism) it is relatively frequent in this breed. Generally prevents the affected male from reproducing and makes it impossible to confirm the dog.

Finally, the German Hound are frequently found with eye problems, so it is advisable to also pay attention to this point.

Care “German Hound”

The German Hound it is an easy breed of dog to keep. Su corto pelaje requiere sólo un mínimo de cuidados y un mantenimiento regular. Cepillar a su perro una vez a la semana debería ser suficiente para preservar la belleza de su pelaje. It also, how the coat naturally repels dirt and water, bathing is not normally necessary.

It also, even during the molting period, loses very little hair.

It also, como en cualquier perro con orejas caídas, el interior de las mismas también debe ser vigilado cuidadosamente para reducir el riesgo de infecciones de oído.

This may be an opportunity to inspect your eyes at the same time., to be able to intervene quickly if there is a problem in this area.

Food “German Hound”

As the German Hound it is a fairly resistant breed, alimentar a su perro no debería suponer ningún problema en particular. A meat-based diet, vegetables and starchy foods, or quality croquettes, it will be perfectly adequate.

However, ¡tenga cuidado con el volumen de las raciones! If used as a hunting dog, it may certainly be appropriate to increase them by 10 to 20% during hunting season, when you are more active than usual. But they must also adapt to the dog's energy needs when they decrease, to avoid any risk of the dog becoming overweight.

It also, it is important to avoid giving too much food before the dog goes hunting, At risk, for example, to throw up. A little pre-hunt snack is a good thing, but the bulk of the daily ration should be given in the afternoon.

Activities “German Hound”

Aunque pueden ser agradables perros de compañía, the German Hound It, above all and by its very nature, un perro de caza especializado más específicamente en el rastreo de liebres, badgers and big game, whether or not they are injured. Estos finos sabuesos son expertos en terrenos difíciles y pueden soportar todo tipo de condiciones climáticas. They like to chase their prey for hours and hours. Its long snout and extremely sensitive nose are its best allies in this task.. Once the prey has been hunted, its loud and clear bark is highly appreciated by hunters, since it allows them to point out the exact position of the hunted animal.

Although the German Hound it is very suitable for hunting alone, also excels in pairs or small groups of individuals. Así es como la raza se utilizó originalmente.

Price “German Hound”

The price to adopt a puppy from German Hound is between 700 and 900 EUR.

Characteristics "German Hound"

Coexistence is important that you have with your new friend. Before considering the acquisition of a dog of the breed "German Hound" you know certain factors. Not all breeds of dogs are apt to live in an apartment, you must take into account his character, their need for exercise, their interaction with other pets, their care and if you have small children, their level of tolerance towards them.

Adaptation ⓘ

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friendly dog ​​ⓘ

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hair loss ⓘ

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Affection level ⓘ

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Need for exercise ⓘ

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Social need ⓘ

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Home ⓘ

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Toilet ⓘ

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Friendly with strangers ⓘ

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Health ⓘ

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Territorial ⓘ

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Cat friendly ⓘ

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Intelligence ⓘ

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Versatility ⓘ

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Child friendly ⓘ

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Surveillance ⓘ

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joy ⓘ

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Videos "German Hound"

Deutsche Bracke
Deutsche Bracke distrito Stöberhundwelpen paseo por el bosque de excursión

Type and recognitions:

  • Group 6: Scent hounds, and related breeds.
  • Section 1.3: Medium-sized hound-type dogs.. With proof of work..


  • FCI – Group 6: Scent hounds, and related breeds. – Section 1.3: Small-sized Hounds.
  • AKCHound
  • ​KCHoundy
  • UKCScenthounds

FCI breed standard "German Hound"

FCIFCI - German Hound

Alternative names:

    1. Deutsche Bracke, German Bracke, Olper Bracke, Westphalian Bracke (English).
    2. (deutsche bracke en allemand) (French).
    3. Westfälische Bracke (German).
    4. braco alemão, (em alemão: Deutsche Bracke) (Portuguese).
    5. Sabueso de sangre de Baviera (español).
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