Tosa Inu
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Tosa Inu

The Tosa Inu is quiet, serene, worthy and extraordinarily peaceful.

The Tosa Inu It is a breed of dog originating in Japan. Molosser imposing aspect, It is one of the favorite breeds for the lovers of dogs large size around the world. The breed emerged in the mid-19th century, When crossing various European breeds of large size (Great Dane, Mastiff, San Bernardo, Bulldog, German Shorthaired) with the indigenous Shikoku Inu.

[stextbox id=”info” float=”true” width =”340″]In Spain is regarded as a potentially dangerous breed of dogs by Royal Decree, by which to his possession must obtain the licence for possession of dangerous dogs and register it in the corresponding Municipal registry of potentially dangerous animals. One of the things that are required for this license is insurance of civil liability to third parties.

Tosa Inu varies considerably in size. Japan-bred specimens tend to have half the size of the specimens bred in the rest of the world. Japanese copies are usually weigh between 35 and 55 kg, While exemplary foreigners have a weight which varies between the 60 and 100 kg. The mantle is characterized by short and smooth appearance and is often red, striped or brown clear. The maintenance of your fur is the least.

This breed originated in the second half of the 19th century. The race started from the natives – Shikoku Inu, a dog of indigenous. It weighs some 25 kg and stand about 55 centimeters in height, that it resembles the European Spitz. These dogs were crossed with dogs of European races, as the Old English Bulldog in 1872, Mastiff, in 1874, San Bernardo, German pointer in 1876, Great Dane, in 1924, and the Bull Terrier. The goal was to raise a bigger dog, more powerful.

The heyday of Tosa breeding was between 1924 and 1933, When told that he had more than 5.000 Tosa breeders, in Japan.

The property of Tosa Inu, is legally restricted in certain jurisdictions. In the United Kingdom property is regulated by the law of 1991 dangerous dogs.

Some insurance companies do not ensure homes with dogs considered dangerous breeds. The Australian Customs Service prohibits the importation of Tosa Inu, along with dogs of other breeds considered dangerous, in Australia.
Tosa Inu is one of the eleven races of dogs, recently, prohibited by the Dublin City Council from their properties, including housing, flats and estates.

The race is illegal in Norway, Denmark, in Iceland, in New Zealand, in Malta, Australia and Malaysia, the Government of the country where said Tosa Inu are specially bred for the fight, the regulation was made in order to combat the growing number of attacks of dogs to humans, especially for children.

Otros nombres: 土佐 / Mastín Japonés / Tosa Ken / Tosa Tōken / Japanese Fighting Dog / Japanese Mastiff / Tosa Fighting Dog

Group 2 / Section 2 – molosoides and mountain dogs.

Dogs breeds: Tosa Inu

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Very interesting, but it would be easier to understand if it had not been used an automatic translator or if, at least, someone had made the revision and corrections… It would also be good to have the source of the original text to understand the pieces that were confusing. The hint.

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