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    Posted by tiadoc | 16 October 2011

    Ranking of dogs affected by congenital heart disease

    The Congenital heart disease in the dogs they are malformations of the heart or great vessels. The injuries that characterize the congenital heart defects present at birth and can develop more thoroughly during the perinatal period and the growth.

    Many birth defects of the heart, It is believed, they are transmitted genetically from parents to children, However, the exact modes of inheritance has not been determined accurately for all cardiovascular malformations.

    This list was created taking into account the races that - at least- obtained 50 evaluations since January 1974 until December of 2010.

    This table was adapted from three sources:

  • Canine Developmental Health Performance Registry
  • The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
  • AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF)

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    1. Hello everyone, tell them that for information to be handled here in argentina and mercosur, a study that became the 59 per cent of dogs cardiopath are mestizo, Some studies that you see are made in the USA or in Europe and in those places there are more dogs than mestizos of. Every area has its share of different races…Best regards. rebola Diego medical veterinaio

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